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Call-in Information


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Brian Lowe (star)
  2. Mike Conlon
  3. Benjamin Gross  
  4. Ralph O'Flinn
  5. Don Elsborg
  6. Andrew Woods
  7. Huda Khan


  1. Reviewing / merging
    1. authorization update for self editors - no JIRA
    2. Update Error Prone  VIVO-1737 - Update Error Prone and make it possible to disable IN REVIEW
  2. Triple store recommendation
  3. Architectural diagrams
  4. Installation process
    1. Possibility?


Previous action item: Mike Conlon to share updates to VUE that enable Java 8 / 11 build to pass
- Mike tried to contact VUE team, but is no longer an active project.
- Plan is to fork VUE into VIVO-community.

1. Reviewing / merging
authorization update for self editors - no JIRA
- Addresses issue where self editors are able to edit things they do not have access to if they manipulate URI parameters
- Fix seems to introduce issue where faux properties that should be editable are no longer editable; this needs to be further investigated and tested.
- Brian will take a look at the faux property issue.
- This issue may warrant a 1.11.1 release when resolved.
Update Error Prone - VIVO-1737 - Update Error Prone and make it possible to disable IN REVIEW
- Seems straightforward: includes a small number of code improvements needed to pass the scan done by the newer version of Error Prone. Benjamin and Ralph will review.

2. Triple store recommendation
- Statement should reinforce core idea that a complete, open technology stack will continue to be provided, even if the component parts are futher decoupled.
- Should also become easier for people to install the complete, open stack.
- Change should take place for the next release.
- RDF delta messaging is likely an important future VIVO feature that should work with all triple stores.

3. Architectural diagrams
- Mike presented slides illustrating a possible future VIVO component ecosystem.
- synthesizes / reflects ideas discussed recently in the development community, especially at Orlando architecture meeting
- remain ontology-driven application
- thorough use of APIs and decoupling
- triple store, admin store, asset store; leverage existing solutions for managing user accounts in an admin app
- profile app, ETL app with first step transformation to JSON documents, and edit app.


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