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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:



(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn 
  2. Brian Lowe 
  3. Michel Heon
  4. Julia Trimmer 
  5. Andrew Woods
  6. Robert Nelson (star)
  7. Benjamin Gross
  8. Kristina Heinricy
  9. Don Elsborg
  10. Steven McCauley


  1. Community updates
  2. 1.11.0 release updates
    1. Release Testing - 1.11.0

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  3. Sprint planning meeting (Oct 14-25)
    1. Proposed topics
      1. Create ingest workflow tooling
        1. Use VIVO entity "shapes" defined in sprint-2019-06
        2. Include validation of ingested entities
        3. Allow for ingest of JSON entities (tooling to map JSON to RDF)
        4. Include optional curation step (disambiguation, reconciliation of entities)
        5. look at rdfmapper for ingest
      2. Provide an orientation to VIVO Scholar for community developers, setting up the environment, and introducing existing documentation
      3. Updating Scholars Discovery defaults for specific institutions such as TAMU including branding, look and feel etc.
      4. Based on the VSTF definitions of data shapes for VIVO and Scholars Discovery: 
        1. Updating the Scholars Discovery to include changes to the data shapes
        2. Updating SPARQL queries to pull in data
      5. Continue work on cross-linking
      6. Externalizing the triple-store in line with modularizing/decoupling
      7. Orcid integration: pulling and pushing publications
      8. Decoupling TPF server
      9. Bringing NEMO Freemarker templates into core
      10. i18n?
      11. Bringing in current UI improvements?
      12. complete json-ld view of vivo entitites
      13. FAST vocab into vivo 
      14. Other topics?
  4. Special topics for future dev calls?
    1. TDB vs SDB
  5.  In-review tickets
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  1. Status of In-Review tickets

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Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • 1.11 release
    • Ralph out - (symplectic conference)
    • Testing deadline - last Friday - nothing drastic, but documentation needed for externalized SOLR
    • Testing done?  Release process early next week - Andrew can help Ralph
    • Not complete testing - but maybe what can be done has been done
    • Benjamin - Jim Blake’s tests not running - not sure why (failing, or just things not set up right)
    • Github issue for setup (Benjamin) - acceptance test #14
    • Benjamin - trying to run certain tests, not clear how … ? Data Distributor?
    • Update documentation and/or pom.xml file - 
    • Seem to be permissions problems of repository
    • Any singers? Huda and Don? and Julia singing …
    • “Unarchive” of repository has happened - per Mike Conlon
    • Issues for 1.11 - 
      • documentation data distribution running api
      • Documentation Externalized SOLR?
      • Andrew: Custom fields documentation?  Benjamin
    •  Upgrade tests - 1.9 - Don promises to run upgrade tests (not really)
    • Any concerns about tests before 1.11 release?
    • Andrew: Proxy editing?  Asked on Slack - no one seems to be familiar with it?  No documentation, so hard to test
    •  Florida is using proxy editing
    • (Benjamin) Data Distributor: artifact id is wrong? 1.10 Or deploy 1.11 artifactId?
      • Andrew: should be version independent
      • Andrew: no changes, then keep version
      • Benjamin: might be confusing, but fine
      • Mike - update README per pull request? Andrew: Yes
    • Don: JSON-LD vs Html there are inconsistencies - objects missing - not complete at Colorado at least
    • List-rdf and JSON-LD as the machine readable formats
    • Huda: two levels deep, subject->uri-> one more level - just by default - not sure (two level)
    • Mike: could be problem with custom SPARQL
    • Don: positions dead-end link - affiliations goes across “relates” - so might be more than two level?
    • Don will add line-item for that issue (JSON-LD)  - under API tests?
    • Don: LeapFrog trying to use JSON-LD (at Colorado)

  • Upcoming sprint - week after next (Oct. 14th - Oct. 25th)
    • Topics listed might need to change
    • Andrew: consider who can work on sprint 
    • Who can work on what?  Topics interested in, availability etc…
    • Julia - III a) - provide orientation to setting up scholars-discovery, updated scholars-discovery defaults for institutions - data shapes? 
    • Andrew: How many people?  Julia: not sure - but is priority to communicat-ize (sp?) of vivo-scholars task force
    • IV - data shapes, entities? Not sure if that is solidified
    • Don: baseline that is in scholars-discovery now - shapes - no formal definition - graphql allows you to define the shape that you want (within solr fields options)
    • But no formal definition
    • Andrew: idea is (simpler) shapes could inform ingest procedure
    • Many structures - index document - GraphQL
    • GraphQL related to data that is coming in - Andrew: should try to mirror ingest procedure by what GraphQL structure (coming out) looks like
    • Andrew: no clear description of GraphQL data (exactly)
    • Julia:  upfront declaration of entire structure gets in the way of forward progress (of developers) - but they will work on something … ?
    • Don: planning on ingest Colorado data into - II, III -  identify workflow of how to get data into scholars-discovery, test suite - vivo instance is 1.9 though - and then output 1.10, 1.11 to scholars-discovery?
    • Andrew: updating scholars-discovery turnkey from vivo instance
    • Don: version problems - particularly with Jena
    • Don: describe process to import data into scholars-discovery, convert sdb to tdb necessary - 6x better - but 1.9 (old Jena) 
    • Don: try to start a 1.11 instance - and import into scholars-discovery
    • Andrew: used 1.11 to import openvivo - so it is possible
    • Mike: SDB might be faster (per upgrades available from Graham)
    • Mike: Messaging solution to ingest from Vivo?  Could be good in this sprint if possible?
    • Andrew: not sure if William is available in this sprint for that work
    • Kristina: should be available for sprint - Orchid integration
    • Ralph?  Not here but probably interested in de-coupling TPF - and Nemo Freemarker
    • Internationalization?  
      • Julia - just met with UQAM (sp?) - may have a developer looking into “content” internalization (Michele)
      • Julia: would like to line up vivo-scholar with that work
    • Available:
      • Don - pulling in data
      • Duke - various
      • Ralph - TPF
      • William (maybe) - messaging
      • Kristina - Orcid
      • Benjamin - Orcid?
    • Mike Conlon - position JSON-LD seems to work



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