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Friday, September 13 at 11:00 EST


Ann Beynon(star) Robert Cartolano, Mike Conlon,  Federico FerrarioAnna Guillaumet ,Dong Joon (DJ) LeeVirginia (Ginny) Pannabecker, Matt Mihalik for hannah sommers,Julia Trimmer,Alex Viggio,, Paul Albert for Terrie Wheeler Violeta Ilik


Erin TrippAndrew Woods , Robert Miller,  Laurie Arp


 Christian Hauschke,  Tom CramerDoug Hahn

(star) Note taker

Connection Information

To join the online meeting:


Please review notes from the August 30 Steering Group meeting and the September 4 VIVO Leadership Group meeting (minimal notes).

  1. Quick updates (Julia/Erin, 10 minutes)
    1. Responses to governance exercise
    2. Financial processes at LYRASIS 
  2. Proposal to co-locate the EFS Forum and the VIVO Conference: find the Prospectus here (Julia/ all, 20 minutes)
  3. Proposal to add Erin Tripp/Director of DCSP as a voting member (Julia/ all, 15 minutes)
  4. Next steps for VIVO task forces: (Julia, 10 minutes)
    1. Create wiki page
    2. Send call for community members
    3. Set meeting schedule
    4. Establish goal and target dates


  1. Updates (Julia/Erin)
    1. Governance exercise - led by Erin - outcomes to be shared on October 11
    2. Financial processes at LYRASIS - Erin, Robert, Hanna, Julia
      1. review of proposed new budget for VIVO
      2. follow-up meeting next week - membership dollars, overhead, travel, explanation of LYRASIS budget approach, and VIVO approach a "rosetta stone" for the terminology used to determine budget.
      3. plan to review proposed budget at VIVO member meeting on November 8th
      4. Mike - input into the budget by steering group before November - Julia - preliminary budget to be shared with Steering before November.
  2. Proposal to co-locate the EFS Forum and VIVO Conference
    1. discussed at August 30 Steering Group meeting
    2. Discussion - open discussion, review of prospectus
    3. Julia requests to collect more feedback, will share a form for members to provide input
    4. Ann - Charleston conference is 11/2-6/2020, potential attendance overlap
  3. Proposal to add Erin Tripp/Director of DCSP, as a voting member
    1. Erin - providing framing
    2. Discussion
    3. Summary - more information to be captured, review current voting mechanisms, experiences with other projects
  4. Next Steps for VIVO task forces
    1. Julia - discussion about task force, participation, setting goals
  5. Conference Summary
    1. Violeta - only a few responses to the survey so far
    2. Julia - suggest that we add conference summary to next meeting agenda
    3. Discussion
      1. consensus that it was a great conference
      2. Anna - approaches between Europe and US - more in common, we can collaborate
      3. Violeta - engage with European community - from almost every country in Europe
      4. hear the voices of community, differing requirements
      5. bring people together to meet in person

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