Sprint coming up June 17-26  Interested in development?  Ready to sprint?  The VIVO developers will be holding a sprint June 17-26 to work on externalizing the search indexes of VIVO in support of VIVO Scholar and other applications.  Developer calls are held every Tuesday at 11 AM US Eastern Time.  See Development Interest Group for call agendas and sprint planning.

Open Repositories  VIVO community members will be attending Open Repositories at the University of Hamburg this week. We hope those attending have a chance to catch up, discuss VIVO, and how best to move forward.  https://or2019.blogs.uni-hamburg.de/

Three weeks to LYRASIS  As many of you know, Duraspace is merging with LYRASIS, another US non-profit, to improve support of community open source for academics.  The merger is expected to become official July 1, 2019.  LYRASIS and Duraspace staff have been diligently meeting, learning each other's work, and preparing for becoming a single organization.

I have served as a board member of Duraspace since 2014 and participated in the decision to merge with LYRASIS.  I will not be a board member of the new organization.  You may hear of other changes – in personnel, and in business practices.  The VIVO Project remains autonomous.  It is governed by its Leadership Group.  Its relationship with LYRASIS is defined by the MOU VIVO has in place with Duraspace, which LYRASIS will honor.

Leadership Group Community elections coming up  Speaking of the Leadership Group, watch for an announcement of nominations for community members to serve on the Leadership Group.  This is an outstanding opportunity for motivated community leaders to step forward and join in the governance of the project.  There are fascinating, important, and perhaps challenging issues facing the Leadership Group this year.  We hope you will consider being nominated to serve!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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