The VIVO Calendar  The VIVO Calendar is a simple Google Calendar, available on the home page of the VIVO wiki.  You can add this calendar to your collection so that are up to date on all VIVO meetings and events.  Have an update of question about the calendar?  Post to one of the VIVO email lists.  Thanks!

Conference call for proposals closed May 15  The VIVO Conference call for proposals has been extended to May 15.  We look forward to your proposal for a workshop, poster, panel, or presentation.  Topics at the VIVO conference include everything having to do with representing and using data about scholarship, including, but not limited to software development, implementation, change management, ontology development, persistent identifiers, national adoption, analytics, data wrangling, and anything else you might think of related to the open world of metadata regarding scholarship and research.  The conference will be held September 4-6, 2019 in Podgorica, Montenegro.  We hope to see you there!

An ontology project  For sometime, the VIVO ontology has needed to improve – VIVO needs to cover more of the world of scholarship, and represent new expectations in scholarship.  VIVO needs to take advantage of advances in ontological design and practice that have emerged since the ontology was first created in 2007 and last revised in 2013.  Revising the ontology will be a significant effort – a new ontology which builds on all that has been learned needs to be developed; 2) testing, tools, and training will be needed to help the community adopt the new ontology; and 3) the VIVO software, and existing software using the current ontology will need to be upgraded using the tools and training.  The effort is expected to take several years, and involve the entire VIVO community.  The current VIVO ontology is expected to be supported indefinitely.

A one page summary of the effort, the approach to the work and some consequences can be found here:  VIVO Ontology Version 2 in one page

A short white paper is available here: VIVO Ontology Version 2

Multiple presentations at the conference will present concepts regarding the effort and how all can participate.

The Ontology Interest Group meets every other Thursday to discuss the effort, solicit, input, review early thoughts, and determine direction.  All are welcome!

We look forward to the participation of the VIVO community in this effort.  Over the coming months, we will have a series of short surveys regarding needs in the community for representation.  We hope you can take a few minutes to review these surveys with your VIVO group and answer as a group to provide let us know how to make the VIVO ontology more relevant, more consistent, and more open.

ROR  Looking for data regarding research organizations?  You might want to take a look at the Research Organization Registry (  Following on the work of Digital Science and GRID ( and a collaboration between 17 organizations including ORCiD, THOR, and CrossRef, ROR is an independent, non-profit effort to curate an open registry of the world's research organizations.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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