VIVO Presentations at CNI  The Coalition for Networked Information ( is having its spring member meeting in St. Louis Missouri, April 9-10.  There are two VIVO "project briefings" on the agenda.  We hope you are able to attend these briefings:

  1. Scholarly Output Projects
    Martin R. Kalfatovic, Smithsonian Institution
    Paul Albert, Weill Cornell Medicine
    Terrie Wheeler, Weill Cornell Medicine
  2. Research Intelligence, Repurposed Data, and Reputation: The Evolution of VIVO Implementations at Duke and Texas A&M Universities
    Bruce E. Herbert, Texas A&M University
    Julia K. Trimmer, Duke University

Jim Blake retirement Jim Blake  of Cornell University in Ithaca New York retired this past week.  Jim started with the VIVO Project in 2010 during the NIH grant era.  Jim served as the technical lead for the VIVO project from 2013-2016.  Jim was always one of the most knowledgable, thoughtful, and productive contributors in the VIVO community.  We wish Jim the very best for his retirement.  Bravo Jim!

VIVO Breakouts at the Duraspace Summit  At the Duraspace Summit coming up April 10 in St. Louis, Missouri, VIVO will have two break out sessions.  If you are attending the summit, please plan to attend these sessions.  The sessions are:

  1. Status of 2019 product direction efforts

  2. VIVO Project and Lyrasis: opportunities and objectives 

We hope to see you there.  All members are invited.  Not a member?  See Become a Member.  Are you a member and you did not get an invitation?  Please contact Kristi Searleat Duraspace.  

We hope to have dial-in capability for these sessions.  Details will be posted to the VIVO email lists.  We hope you can join!

Architectural presentation  In January, VIVO hosted an "architectural fly-in" bringing people together to think through future initiatives and the software architectures that might be required to support them.  Huda Khan of Cornell summarized the discussions in a presentation available here .  There are several major initiatives going on that require active coordination.  Andrew Woods facilitates the Development Interest Group that meets every Tuesday.  This group works to make sure things fit together now and in  the future.  All developers are welcome!

VIVO presentation at EuroCRIS  Anna Guillaumet of SIGMA, a Duraspace member supporting the VIVO Project, will be presenting at the upcoming EuroCRIS meetings in Helsinki, Finland.  Anna is a member of the VIVO Project Leadership Group and will be presenting on their experience with VIVO in support of multiple universities in Spain.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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