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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


  1. Andrew Woods - DuraSpace
  2. Don Elsborg - CU Boulder
  3. Benjamin Gross - Clarivate 
  4. Harry Thakkar  - Duke
  5. Ralph O'Flinn  - UAB
  6. ...

Draft Notes:

Google-doc notes


  1. Introductions
  2. Logistics
    1. Accounts
      1. Wiki / JIRA account: email
      2. Slack account:
      3. Github account: post to Slack #develop
    2. Daily "stand-up", by 10am ET daily (#develop)
    3. Tuesday (tomorrow) Dev call
    4. Friday, March 29th call: Sprint Retrospective
  3. Objectives (tickets)
    1. Introduce and practice the processes related to VIVO development

    2. Move feature forward: Externalized Solr and Elasticsearch 

    3. Move feature forward: Docker all the things!

  4. Measures of success
    1. ...
  5. Identifying areas of focus for each team member

Stand-up Template

[VIVO Sprint Standup]
Finished yesterday: 
  {ticket titles and associated JIRA links}
  {and/or brief textual description}
Working on today:
  {ticket titles and associated JIRA links}
  {and/or brief textual description}
  {brief textual description}
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