Make plans to attend the VIVO Conference  The 10th annual VIVO conference will be held outside the United States for the first time this year.  For some, this means getting special permissions, having a passport, and making additional budget commitments.  We understand that these things can take time.  So please start early.  If you are planning to attend, please have the necessary conversations as soon as you can.  A flight across the United States can cost more than $600, depending on time and distance.  A flight to the conference will cost considerably more.  Hotel and food prices in Montenegro are quite reasonable.  The total cost of your trip should be considered.

We also understand that some can not travel unless they have an accepted presentation.  The call for proposals is open.  Please submit your proposal at the conference web site

We hope you are able to join us in Podgorica, Montenegro September 4-6, 2019!

FAIR funders pilot  At the Metadata for Machines workshop in Leiden last fall, the group discussed how we might have a pilot to demonstrate the value of FAIR metadata on the proposal funding process.  VIVO is involved, and a description of the pilot has been published as a pre-print at  See:  

P. WittenburgH. Pergl SustkovaA. MontesantiS. M. BloemersS. H. de WaardM. A. MusenJ. B. GraybealK. M. HettneA. JacobsenR. PerglR. W. W. HooftC. StaigerC. W. G. van GelderS. L. KnijnenburgA.C. van ArkelB. MeermanM. D. WilkinsonS-A SansoneP. Rocca-SerraP. McQuiltonA. N. Gonzalez-BeltranG. J. C. AbenP. HenningS. AlencarC. RibeiroC. R. L. SilvaL. SayaoL. SalesV. VeigaJ. LimaS. DibP. XavierR. MurtinhoJ. TendelB. F. SchaapP. M. BrouwerA. K. GavaiY. BouzembrakH. J. P. MarvinA. MonsT. KuhnA. A. GambardellaR. de Miranda AzevedoV. MuhonenM. van der NaaldN. W. SmitM. J. BuysT. F. de BruinF. SchootsH. J. E. GoodsonH. S. RzepaK. G. JefferyH. P. ShanahanM. AxtonV. TkachenkoA. D. MayaN. K. MeyersM. ConlonL. L. HaakE. A. Schultes  The FAIR Funder pilot programme to make it easy for funders to require and for grantees to produce FAIR Data. Pre-print. March 6, 2019.

Membership benefits  

More than two dozen organizations support the VIVO Project financially through membership in Duraspace.  The Membership and Community Engagement Interest Group has produced a very nice summary of the benefits of membership (aside from insuring the future success of the project, of course).  Member benefits are described here: VIVO Membership Benefits

Becoming a member is an organizational commitment to support open scholarship, open source, and the VIVO Project.  We hope you will consider becoming a member.  You may wish to review those who are financially supporting the project here:  You may want to reach out to individuals at these institutions to discuss membership and how these institutions made the choice to support open scholarship.  All are welcome to membership in the project!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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