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Supplemental LG Meeting Materials

  • In the January 4, 2019 Leadership Group meeting, the group asked to see the the names of those attending the Architectural Fly-in:
  • The LG also asked to see the 2018 travel spreadsheet here: 
  • In that meeting, we discussed the VIVO "debt" incurred from 2013 - 2017. A small group met after the meeting and have jointly drafted the following proposal:

Motion to address VIVO budgetary imbalance

By: Mike Conlon, VIVO Project Director, Erin Tripp, DuraSpace Executive Director, Julia Trimmer, VIVO Leadership Group Chair, and Rob Cartolano, DuraSpace Treasurer.

A tentative agreement between VIVO project representatives and DuraSpace representatives was reached on January 23, 2019 to bring clarity to and resolve a discussion about a VIVO project budgetary imbalance between 2013 and 2017 of $325,000.

Representatives of both parties propose the VIVO project contribute $50,000 to DuraSpace from its 2018 net income of $84,297 to resolve the budgetary imbalance. The rationale for this solution includes recognition that operational changes have been put in place to avoid further imbalance, a shared desire that the VIVO project build a stable reserve fund, and a shared desire to see the issue resolved.

We ask the VIVO leadership and the DuraSpace Board of Directors to discuss this proposal, e.g. the acceptability of the amount and timeline for payment and vote on a motion to accept or reject the proposed solution. If this solution is accepted by both parties, executing the proposal will conclude the discussion and resolve the budgetary imbalance.

The 2013 - 2019 VIVO Financial Report is available for your reference.

Other Updates


The 2019 VIVO Conference will be in Podgorica, Montenegro, September 4-6, 2019.  Announcement here:

  1. The conference committee is meeting every two weeks (or as required) on Wednesdays at 10 EST.
  2. Currently the TF is working on the website:
  3. We have a keynote speaker, Herbert Van de Sompel, and two invited speakers: Anastasia Dimou and Sarven Capadisli. 
  4. Registration is open and we encourage you to register with the early bird rates:
  5. We've received interest or commitments from three sponsors so far and will be working with Michele to consider additional sponsors in Europe. 

Action Planning

  1. Vision.  Has not met.
  2. Governance and Structure.  Is meeting weekly on Thursdays at 11 AM US Eastern.  The group is collaboratively writing a report to summarize the survey results and recommend next steps.
  3. Product Evolution.  Meets weekly Wednesday 11 AM US Eastern.  Meeting notes here:  See Slack channel for pinned items and conversation.  Is developing a VIVO-sourced, developer friendly data model for driving an interface. The group recently defined a preliminary data model and is discussing ways to provide a GraphQL instance for community testing.
  4. Community Engagement.  Is meeting monthly.  The group is writing a document to define four primary use cases for implementing/supporting VIVO.
  5.  Resources.  Is meeting bi-weekly. In the last meeting, Erin talked about the SCOSS funding opportunity and the group discussed possible ideas for funding. The preliminary application was submitted last week by Erin and Carol Minton Morries. Contact Terrie Wheeler for details.

Task Forces

  1. Membership Task Force: David Wilcox has joined the group to help devise new solutions for increasing VIVO memberships.
  2. Development meets weekly to discuss and work on VIVO issues. Andrew Woods  organizes.
  3. Research Intelligence Task Force:  Group is forming in early 2019. Contact Tom Cramer for more information.
  4. Ontology Interest Group:  Group is meeting every two weeks, led by Mike Conlon.  Current work in two areas: 1) identifiers and attributes of identifiers such as ORCiD, DOI, GRID, ISSN; 2) languages, language skills, and languages of scholarly works.
  5. Internationalization Task Force:  Group is meeting every two weeks, led by Kitio Fofackof University of Quebec at Montreal. 

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