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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

To join the online meeting:



(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Kitio Fofack 
  2. Ralph O'Flinn 
  3. Don Elsborg
  4. Andrew Woods  
  5. Alex Viggio
  6. Daniel Mietchen
  7. Violeta Ilik
  8. Justin Littman
  9. Chris Barnes
  10. John Mark Ockerbloom
  11. Steve Brown
  12. Mike Conlon


  1. Brief intro to wikidata and the wikiverse
    1. Overview of relationship between wikidata/wikicite/wikibase/scholia/wikipedia ( wikiverse as it pertains to semantic data )
    2. Overview of usages for wikidata
    3. Overview of wikicite in wikidata
    4. Internationalization in wikidata ( i18n )
  2. Overview of semantic capabilities for these tools
    1. SPARQL query builder -
  3. Brief overview of WD semantics
  4. Daniel's interest in VIVO
  5. The matching problem - wikidata has mix-n-match, how would this work in VIVO
  6. Next steps/actions ( strawman ideas ) Vivo <-> WD ontology mapping
    1. Publication data as a potential joint project
      1. Identifying actual sources of data in wikidata - Eg - attribution of the data source
      2. Usage of triple-pattern-fragment endpoint in VIVO and perhaps wikidata
      3. Rules for vivo <->
        • Attribution
        • Data must be CC0
    2. Country data as a potential joint project - replace FAO data
      1. Simplify VIVO data
      2. Timely updates via Wikimedia process
    3. Potential future projects ( VIVO depth in humanities, grants, advising )


Draft notes in Google-Doc



Mobile view:

Brief intro to wikidata and the wikiverse

  • Wikipedia - editable encyclopedia
  • Wikidata - editable database
  • Vision: “Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.” ( in their native language )
    • Mike - in wikis in other languages - are there issues with governments wanting to write a history?
      • Daniel - yes, eg wars, battles all have different perspectives. So this also includes individual bias’ from the local authors, editors
  • If you setup your own mediawiki page you can add with one line artifacts from wikimedia commons
    • media files from Wikimedia Commons can be transcluded into other MediaWiki instances
  • Components of architecture:
  • What ontologies are used in the wikibase?
    • Shared data model
    • Ontologies are open
  • WikiCite
  • Scholia
    • Overlapping project with VIVO: Scholia
    • Presentation layer for wikidata information for bibliographic data

Overview of semantic capabilities for these tools

Daniel's interest in VIVO

  • Open workflows around collaborative curation
  • JROST: Interest in sharing roadmaps for open science tooling
    • Open scholarly profiles

Next Steps

  • Leverage wikidata related to publications
  • Use institutional vivos to record position information on wikidata - eg person x was employed at institution from start date to end date
  • Use wikidata to help co-author networks - because an institution curates it’s own authors but not authors at other orgs - wikidata can be used for this
  • Vivo’s have current employees typically - wikidata can reference scholarly records for people that are no longer employed or deceased.

Identify test cases:

  • Content in VIVO vis-a-vis Wikidata
    • What workflows could be used to sync between the two?
  • Signed statements
    • Wikidata statements can be signed as coming from a VIVO authority
  • Scholia



Previous Actions

  • Don Elsborg to post data property linking pull requests to develop Slack channel. 
  • Don Elsborg to approach ontology group with additional identifier properties they created for CU instance
  • Brian Lowe  confirm LDF server issue with TDB content stores
  • Mike Conlon to address:   VIVO-1609 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Don Elsborg to update vagrant for 1.10
  • Don Elsborg to investigate rationale for retaining two nearly identical propStatement-dataDefault.ftl files in VIVO and Vitro ( VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Don Elsborg - add jira tickets for abox/tbox use cases - one ticket for each use case
  • Brian Lowe  - check with ontology group on handles
  • Alex Viggio will bring news of Elasticsearch instead of Solr up with Product Evolution.  

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