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Thursday, December 13, 10 AM US Eastern Time

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  1. Welcome to the Interest Group
    1. Intros
    2. questions
  2. Ontology license – update
  3. Identifiers – proposal is here:  
    1. Some background from RDA is here:
    2. discusion
    3. next steps
  4. December 3 sprint
    1. New subClasses for items asserted to be skos:Concept.   VIVO-1287 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Administrative Unit  VIVO-1652 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    3. bibo:doi  VIVO-1662 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    4. vitro:editing  VIVO-1528 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. Future agenda items
    1. Language skills
    2. Projects and Grants


Welcome to the Interest Group!

  • Being an interest group means we’re no longer focused on specific tasks/goals

  • If we identify specific work/projects that need to be done, we would spin off a task force.

  • The Identifiers project is a candidate for a task force.

Ontology License updates:

Ralph: Should VIVO have its own ontology? Or bring in the best pieces and then licensing become clear cut??

Mike: Table it for now. May be 2 to 5 year idea.

May be a good topic for the conference panel? Full spectrum -- reuse nothing, reuse everything (no ontology)

Mike: Work is to identify the license of each ontology.

Marijane: We cannot license the way we want if there is no existing license. +1

Violeta: Dublin Core metadata is responsible for BIBO. They have not responded yet for my questions.

Mike: We are using many ontologies. If one of them has restrictive license (and we are using a few terms), we could get rid of that ontology.


Mike: RDA report raised good points regarding what PID are and what kinds of them there are, all are mentioned in the document.

VIVO-1662 Issue:

Mike: If we have relationship with bibo group, we may work together to update bibo ontology.

Data issues: How much software should help the data managers. We have annotations that help software.

We mention in ontology that an entity is a string (and perhaps a language tag), and in annotation we suggest that it should be edited with an HTML editor. Graham considers annotations as suggestions.

Ontology management issues: Current process allows a committer and an ontologist to approve a domain ontology pull request.  Seems thin.

We are operating on good faith.  Other ontologists should be brought in.  Issues should be discussed with the interest group.

Brian:  We should finish the change process we drafted.

Mike:  Yes. We have scoring of issues and we have a draft process.  Need to socialize the process with the rest of the community, resulting in a recorded process.

Decision: cancel the pull request by closing it

Action items:

  1. Close the pull request

  2. Move the change process forward

  1. In Progress or Review Ontology Issues

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Open Ontology Issues

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

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