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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Mike Conlon 

  2. Huda Khan (star)
  3. Jim Blake 
  4. Benjamin Gross 
  5. Steven McCauley 
  6. Kitio Fofack
  7. Andrew Woods
  8. Ralph O'Flinn


  1. Update on Advanced Role Management 3-day fiesta

    1. VIVO-1436 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Done?

    1. VIVO-1593 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Application RDF Files
  3. In-Review

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    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  4. 1.10 

    1. bugs (1.10.1?)

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      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    2. Plans for a 1.10.1 patch release

  5. In Limbo
    1. VIVO-1528 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. Update from Ontology group? - Add Handle Support in VIVO?
    1. Ontology group has a proposal regarding identifiers. See document
  7. Discuss pull request to create weblinks for data properties that have a range of  type URL.


Draft notes in Google-Doc

  1. Is the documentation task assigned to Brian Lowe done? Mike: Need to review the ticket

  2. Lots of open tickets/under review.  Q: Which of these issues can we realistically move forward/ideally in shorter term? Which issues need help?

    1. Ralph: Want to merge last of Solr/ElasticSearch updates into sprint branch so we can get that into develop

    2. Ralph: RedHat was bought by IBM, that will have some impact at some point on something.  

      1. Travis/CI: only does Ubuntu/Linux (do on other OSes but don’t do other versions of Linux).  Can now also do this on Windows

      2. Andrew: What was the nature of the Travis/CI conversation?

        1. Ralph: Discussing older versions of linux no longer supporting cglib which lead to travis/CI discussion

  3. Mike: Speaking with Julia.  Leadership group meeting November 9th, with a suggestion for a sprint in December.  Mike suggesting a training grant for new people. Potential participants: Italy, Duke University.  Possibly not a 2 week sprint (more likely 1).

    1. Ralph: looking for supervising effort/work with new people? Usually less busy in December and will see if can help

    2. Mike: Short sprint to orient new people and knocking off simpler issues

    3. Andrew: Great idea for different reasons.  Participants from institutions represented on leadership group so useful to get their participation into process

    4. Mike: Dec 3 probably better than week of 10th, but depends on availability

  4. Andrew: Ralph’s local customizations to templates and making VIVO responsive - seemed like there was some work that could show up as a pull request that could be merged in.

    1. Ralph: Posted initial version to community, and have another version to be pushed out to community.  Want to get some more feedback and then tie it back to pull request.

      1. Currently taking out UAB-specific portions and putting in placeholders to make it more generally useful

      2. Have ticket but will create pull request

  5. Andrew: There was a fiesta recently (advanced role management)

    1. Quite a large change: multiple files

    2. Some specific code review comments in the Vitro and VIVO pull requests and some higher level functionality comments

    3. Many comments have had responses but others await review/further comments

    4. Mike: Functionality improving VIVO?

      1. Jim: Graham has been working to move the advanced role management forward and much of that works but certain components do not work as intended while some functionality has been broken


      3. Public permissions issues: behaves as expected but generating additional triples that are then disregarded.  

      4. Also some functionality that was silently broken in 1.10 but then was fixed by this pull request (e.g. don’t show these fields for certain roles/public but those fields would be displayed anyway)

      5. Relates to testing: Selenium, etc. and then some of this functionality does not have unit tests

      6. Andrew: TIB has been using this code/work

      7. Jim: Don’t think it was this particular pull request (but don’t know for certain)

      8. Mike: Suggest we accept this work into its own branch

      9. Andrew: Will create VIVO and Vitro branches for this work

  6. Andrew: Externalizing search functionality tickets

    1. 4 tickets

      1. Some have been merged into sprint branch and some have not

      2. Ralph: Wants to merge into sprint branch and test.  

      3. Andrew: Agreed

    2. Andrew: Elasticsearch vs Solr

      1. Inclination: small steps are good.  Externalizing Solr helps us move in the direction we want to go

      2. Sprint branch has mix of Solr and Elasticsearch.  Will need to cherry pick functionality out if don’t plan on integrating Elasticsearch

      3. Benjamin would like Elastic Search functionality to be in there so reviewing/continuing to review that would help

        1. From chat  “change I had to make to Elastic, needed to remove line 166 in Query Converter which was causing only ALLTEXT being searched, so labels weren't searchable for example.

    3. VIVO-1617: bug that was identified and pull request seems to fix it.  

      1. Good to get it reviewed and merged

      2. 3 functional files and 1 test file

      3. Relates to internationalization.  

        1. Kitio: will help review

        2. Andrew: Need one more person to review - that would help

  7. Andrew: any other tickets that are not moving forward?

    1. Mike:

    2. HTML tagging pull request would remove HTML WYSIWYG for any data property until a second pull request with the annotation/property that needs to be defined on a property to turn on WYSIWYG.

      1. Graham mentions this seems to go against internationalization concerns

      2. Suggestion: Declare value as language string so they can have language tags,  ontology wouldn’t define it is a language/string. Annotation property would enable associating editor with data property.  Can we do that already or is that a new idea?

      3. Jim: Display is a matter of how the application handles it and not one for the ontology

      4. Mike: Add annotation to properties, and then template could would make a decision based on the annotation.  How would template have access to that property?

        1. Probably updating the JAVA Property template model classes responsible for data property info being passed to the front-end (i.e Freemarker)

        2. Change to the vitro annotations (adding property that can now be used)

        3. Updating the actual freemarker templates that would then use this information

        4. Mike will look at it - perhaps when he is at the beach (because - and I paraphrase partially - JIRA tickets are better than reading books)

    3. From chat (Benjamin) , “Would be great if someone could confirm the LDF server issue with TDB in that it doesn't work”


Previous Actions

  • Mike Conlon and Brian Lowe to review:  VIVO-1528 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Don Elsborg - add jira tickets for abox/tbox use cases - one ticket for each use case
  • Brian Lowe  - check with ontology group on handles
  • Alex Viggio will bring news of Elasticsearch instead of Solr up with Product Evolution.  Might there be consequences for the September sprint.
  • Benjamin Gross to create new Jira issue for additional errors thrown startup.

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