New sites Two new sites were added to the VIVO site registry this week:

We welcome these two new sites to the VIVO community!

Do you have a site to add?  Visit:

Metadata for Machines  A big thank you to GoFair ( for inviting me to participate in their inaugural Metadata for Machines (M4M) workshop in Leiden, October 15-16.  The workshop included people from RDA, Bioportal, European funding agencies, librarians, software developers, and many others in conversations regarding FAIR machine-readable metadata for the scholarship and science.  The CEDAR project ( was highlighted, along with VIVO as potential components of a FAIR metadata infrastructure.

German VIVO workshop  Slides from the third VIVO German workshop are available here:  Lots of great work in Germany on VIVO and related projects!

VIVO Camp  Thanks to the participants and instructors (Violeta IlikHuda Khan, and Benjamin Gross) for a great camp at the beautiful Butler Library on the campus of Columbia University in New York City.  The camp provides an opportunity to learn more about VIVO, the VIVO ontology, and implementation of VIVO.  We look forward to hearing about the great work the campers will produce!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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