VIVO Camp this week  Join the VIVO instructors at VIVO Camp this week at the beautiful Butler Library on the campus of Columbia University in New York City, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.  Violeta Ilik of Columbia, Huda Khan of Cornell, Benjamin Gross of Clarivate, and I will be working with participants from universities and industry to learn more about VIVO, Vitro, and the ontology, along with SPARQL, Karma, project planning, use cases, data sources for VIVO and much more.  We hope you have an opportunity to join us!  For further details, and to register and attend, click here:

Force 2018 last week  Force 11 held its annual conference, Force 2018, at McGill University in Montreal, Canada October 10-12.  See  Force 11 is is interested in the future of research communications and e-scholarship.  For me, it is the second most interesting conference each year, behind the VIVO conference, of course.  Force 11 brings together researchers, communicators, librarians, publishers, and technologists in presentations, posters, and discussions regarding the future.  They are lively discussions.

Alexander Garcia Castro and I presented on Blockchain for Open Science in a Force 11 workshop organized by Lambert Heller of TIB Hannover.  I counted another 10 presentations regarding VIVO, mentioning VIVO, and referencing VIVO.  There is significant interest in the open graph of scholarship and VIVO's efforts to create and represent it.

We expect to hear the dates and location of Force 2019 shortly.  We will pass them along here.

Technólogico de Monterrey  Congratulations to the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, also known as Technólogico de Monterrey, or Tec, for adding their VIVO site to the VIVO registry here.   With 31 campuses across Mexico, and more than 89,000 students, Tec is the most recognized university in Latin America (Wikipedia).  Please join me in welcoming Tec to the VIVO community.  You can find their VIVO here:

VIVO Registry  The VIVO site registry lists 159 sites around the world.  Some sites are in evaluation, others have active pre-production projects, while still others are in production.  Do you have a VIVO site?  Regardless of its level of maturity, it would be great if you could add your site to the registry.  It only takes a minute.  You can add your site here:



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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