Third annual VIVO workshop in Hannover, Germany, September 17-18  Next week is the third annual VIVO workshop in Hannover, Germany, organized by TIB.  See I hope to see you there!

September Sprint  VIVO is planning a development sprint for September 17-28.  See

The SPARQL Book  SPARQL is a query language used to get data from VIVO.  You can use SPARQL to make reports and visualizations, inspect data in your VIVO, build new interfaces, and much more.  Learning SPARQL is fun (at least it was for me).  One reason learning SPARQL was fun was a great book, the SPARQL book Learning SPARQL by Bob DuCharme.  If you are learning about the semantic web, RDF, and VIVO, you won't do better than DuCharme's clear text. Highly recommended for all those working with VIVO and VIVO data.

 DuCharme, B. Learning Sparql, 2nd edition.  O'Reilly. 2013.  386 pg.  ISBN13  978-1449371432.

If you'd like a gentle hands-on introduction to the VIVO ontology, RDF, and SPARQL, consider attending VIVO Camp at Columbia University in New York City, in October.  We cover ontology, SPARQL, and much more.  Information on the camp is available here:



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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