Reminder, VIVO Camp October 18-20, Columbia University.  More info and register here:

September Sprint  VIVO is planning a development sprint for September 17-28.  See

Adding Language Proficiency to VIVO   The Ontology Improvement Task Force is developing new assertions for specifying language expertise.  As in "Mike speaks English". The group is considering ISO 639 as a standard set of languages, the Library of Congress RDF as standard URI, and language proficiencies based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

See and  These standards, when implemented in VIVO will add to VIVO's ability to represent the expertise of people.  Language coding is also planned for works, indicating the language of the work.  The issue is here in JIRA:  VIVO-1544

If you have comments regarding the representation of language proficiency, existing models and ontologies, or comments on these standards, please share on the ontology channel on Slack.  You can join VIVO Slack here: 

We have a Steering Group!  As a result of recent elections, and volunteering, we now have a VIVO Steering Group.  The Steering Group is Paul AlbertAnna GuillaumetMark NewtonDong Joon (DJ) LeeAlex ViggioJulia Trimmer , Mike Conlon , andVioleta Ilik. The Steering Group addresses operational issues in the project, and creates materials, suggestions, and proposals for the Leadership Group.  If you have any ideas about the project, please share them with members of the Steering Group.  They would like to hear from you.

Action Planning  As you may recall, the VIVO Project created a year-long process of review and planning that began March 1 with a face to face meeting at Duke University.  Five action planning groups were formed – Vision, Product Evolution, Resources, Governance, and Community Development.  Each was tasked with developing recommendations for Leadership.  You can always find a current report of the action planning efforts here:

Share your approach to making data for VIVO  Do you have home grown tools for making data for your VIVO?  Do you use one of the common ingest tools?  We're collecting ingest tools and approaches here:  Ingest Tools - Who Is Using What  Please add yours!

OpenHarvester Muhammad Javed has developed a new tool for harvester publications for individuals called OpenHarvester.  You can find it on GitHub here:  OpenHarvester finds publications in various open indices and learns about the author as it is used.  You may want to try it and provide feedback.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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