Grant opportunities  The VIVO Project is always looking for ways to improve the software, the community, and the ontology.  One way to improve things, or try new things is through grant funding.  Funding agencies often have programs related to metadata, data sharing, tooling, and other topics related to VIVO.  The VIVO Resources Action Planning group is looking to identify grant opportunities that might be appropriate for VIVO.  

The group has developed a document describing various initiatives that may be fundable by a grant.  See Grant Opportunities.  Interested?  Have ideas about grants?  Want to help?  Please contact Terrie Wheeler at Weill Cornell Medicine.

jenatools  New with VIVO 1.10 are command line tools jena2tools and jena3tools.  Jen2tools works with Jena 2 VIVO systems (version 1.9.3 and prior).  Jena3tools works with Jena 3 VIVO systems (version 1.10 and whatever comes afterwards).  These tools import and export the configuration and content triple stores of your VIVO system.  Using Jena2tools, you can export your VIVO 1.9.3 or earlier triple stores to "TRiG" format.  Then using Jena3tools, the TriG format can be reloaded into an newly created VIVO 1.10 to upgrade to Jena 3.  TriG format preserves the information regarding the graph the triple came from.  In this way, the graph structure of the upgraded triple store is identical to the previous triple store.

But the jenatools can export to any of the popular RDF serialization formats – RDF/XML, JSON-LD (only supported for Jena 3 export), N-Triples, and Turtle.  Using Jenatools, you can create a complete export of your VIVO, capturing the data for use in any other software, or for posting or sharing with others.

VIVO has always been about sharing data.  With jenatools, your entire triple store can be exported and shared as a single file. 

About VIVO Updates  VIVO Updates is an almost weekly newsletter of happenings in the VIVO Community. VIVO Updates is published to our wiki here:  VIVO Updates  where it is searchable using the wiki search.  VIVO Updates is also available on the VIVO Web site here:  VIVO Blog.  The Updates are sent each week to the VIVO Email Lists and tweeted.  Links to VIVO Updates appear in various Duraspace communications including the Member newsletter and Duraspace Digest with several thousand readers.   If you have an idea for VIVO Updates, please drop me a note.  Material received by Saturday can appear on Sunday.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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