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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star) Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn
  2. Kitio Fofack 
  3. Muhammad Javed (star)

  4. Jim Blake 

  5. Martin Barber
  6. Don Elsborg
  7. Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad
  8. Huda Khan
  9. Mike Conlon
  10. Christian Hauschke


  1. 1.10 Release Candidate
    1. VIVO 1.10.0 Release Testing
    2. System Requirements
  2. Repurposing Sprint 2
  3. Selenium
  4. VIVO Slack... approaching 10k message threshold (at 9.3k)
  5. Java versions planning
    1. For reference: Fedora Policy - Supported JVM


Draft notes in Google-Doc

Ralph: Need at least one reviewer for each task. By next Monday, we should complete the reviewing.

Jim: Asim’s Jira ticket has 26 changed files and it is a substantial change. Need two reviews.

Asim: Second reviewer is Kitio.

Ralph: Repurposing of Sprint - 2 tasks : Testing and Evaluation of Release Candidate.

  1. Go through the documentation and find the gaps.

  2. Documentation tasks are in review.

Mike: what is the process for reviewing the documentation tasks.

Ralph/Javed: Use comment section of Jira Ticket to request changes or approve.

Mike: Sounds good to me.

Mike:  New JIRA for data distributor documentation

Ralph: We should use Selenium to test. Who was working on it.

Jim: I am working on it.

Christian: There is a Selenium IDE for Chrome as well.

Jim: Tests are brittle.  Every test currently fails as login page is changed.

No one is maintaining the tests. Other example is Photo file paths.

Currently they are window-specific.

There will be issues that will come up.

Ralph: Suggestion to make sure Selenium task is a high priority in forthcoming Sprint.

Mike: I am eager to run Selenium test by myself. I need steps to follow to run Selenium tests.

Jim: Most of the issues may be resolved in minutes.

Ralph: Suggested a wiki page “how to run selenium tests”.

Jim: I can write some things.

Ralph: VIVO - slack is reaching to the limit. Content will be trashed unless you preserved. If you had something in Slack you refer back to, archive it, perhaps in wiki.

Ralph: Java-8 - start pushing people toward OpenJDK. Has anyone done testing? No.

Jim: Java 9 and Java 10 are short term releases and their life may end before Java 8.

Next long term release is Java-11. I am not sure if we encourage people to move away from Java-8.

Jim: Developers cannot reply on Java-9 JDK Constructs.

October 2020: End of life for JDK 8.

Jim: Developers cannot do anything that is incompatible with Java 8. We need to mention how and on what Java versions VIVO was tested while having a release.  Instead of saying OpenJDK vs Oracle.

Ralph: Should we target Java 8 for now and do not target 9 or 10.

Asim: Yes. ,   Don: I like the idea.    

Ralph: We might want to have a documentation page.

Kitio: Have some concern about the reviews.

Ralph: I am going to work on it. May assign tasks to few people.

Kitio: Questions about Sample Data.

Mike: Sample data is available on wiki. But, we may want to have another Sample data that is large. Data can be downloaded from OpenVIVO. ~5M triples. UFL data should be available somewhere as well. Mike will get both data sets available.


  • Andrew to help out with reviews later this week
  • Jim and Benjamin to suggest reviewers for their code changes
  • Huda to create a Jira issue to track the security concerns

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