Mark Your Calendars: Supporting a VIVO Regional Community.  Christian Hauschke, VIVO Coordinator, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) will present a webinar entitled "Supporting a VIVO Regional Community," June 12, 11 AM US Eastern Time.  

When VIVO is implemented in a research institution, there is a need to adjust the software to local needs. If a system has its roots in a different country, the adjustments can be more comprehensive. The VIVO ontology and a lot of the underlying assumptions, which are based on the realities of the US scholarly landscape, must be “tailored” to be able to depict the academic culture. The differences concern both the meaning of the translated terms and the usage of the terms in the common language use.

This one-hour webinar aims at explaining some of the differences we have experienced while trying to make VIVO compliant to the needs of the German VIVO community. Our motives, goals, tools, and means of communication will be introduced to help others learn from our experiences.  Time will be reserved for questions following the presentation.

Sprint 2  Sprint 2 is being organized to finish a VIVO 1.10 release candidate.  If you are interested in documentation, and/or testing, please considering joining the sprint.  Details here:  Sprint 2

Three weeks to the JB Duke Hotel and the Ninth Annual VIVO Conference.  The VIVO Conference is coming up, June 6-8 at the JB Duke Hotel on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, served by the Raleigh-Durham airport,  and includes a great line-up of keynote speakers, community presentations, posters, workshops and "unconference" sessions that can be organized by the attendees.  Register today! 

Late breaking Call for Posters.  May 30 is the final deadline for late breaking posters for the VIVO Conference.  Have work to share with others?  A poster is  great way to share your work!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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