Outreach and Engagement Call this Thursday  May 3, 1PM US Eastern time, the Outreach and Engagement Interest Group will have its monthly call.  All are welcome!

Sprint Progress Report As you may know, VIVO is in the midst of its first community sprint.  The sprint started last Monday and continues through this Friday.  Learn more here:  Sprint 1

Force 11, International Data Week deadlines  Two conferences have upcoming deadlines for submissions:

Election to Leadership  In May, VIVO will hold nominations and elections for members of the Leadership Group.  The VIVO Leadership Group consists of member representatives and community representatives.  VIVO will hold elections for a member of the Bronze level institutions, and elections for community representatives.  The Leadership Group meets every four weeks and sets strategic direction for VIVO.  The Leadership Group also appoints the members of the Steering Group.  The Steering Group meets every two weeks and discusses the operational elements of the VIVO Project.  Look for announcements regarding nominations for Leadership.  We're looking for people dedicated to VIVO who have the time to attend the meetings, and participate in Leadership activities.  For planning purposes, and discussions within your institution, you should assume that participation in VIVO Leadership is a 5% time commitment.  Elected members serve one year terms.

Books?  Some people still read books.  Seems like a good idea.  There are a number of books that are quite relevant to the VIVO community, and have helped us develop the ideas behind the project.  Do you know of a book that you think would benefit the members of the VIVO community?  We'd like to hear from you.  We will post some book suggestions here in VIVO Updates.  We look forward to hearing from you.

New supporter, McMaster University Thank you McMaster University for your financial support of the VIVO Project.  McMaster has been a member of Duraspace, and is now a Gold Member.  They support multiple projects, including VIVO.  Thank you McMaster University!

A complete list of the financial supporters of the VIVO Project can be found at the VIVO web site here:  http://vivoweb.org/community/membership

It's easy to become a member, see http://bit.ly/dura-join If you'd like to learn more about membership, please contact Mike Conlon



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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