On your mark, get set.  VIVO is holding its first ever Community led software sprint beginning Monday, April 23. Ten developers from 8 institutions in three countries will participate.  Sprint 1 has a goal of finishing, testing, and documenting Release 1.10.  Release 1.10 will be one of the larger "dot" releases and includes Triple Pattern Fragments, a new API for VIVO, as well as Tenderfoot, a new beta mobile first interface based on Twitter Bootstrap.  Release 1.10 also includes support for RDF 1.1 and Jena 3, as well as significant performance improvements.  Upgrading to 1.10 will require unloading and reloading your existing VIVO triple store, using new provided tools, jena2tools for exporting from your existing Jena 2 triple store, and jena3tools for importing to your new upgraded Jena 3 triple store. See VIVO 1.10.0 Release Testing for a technical description of the upgrade process.  Over 60 issues have been resolved in this release.

Sprint 2, scheduled for May 21 to June 1, is forming now.  Consider joining Slack, and asking about participation in Sprint 2.  You can join Slack here:  Join Slack

VIVO Conference workshops  The VIVO Conference to be held June 6-8 at the JB Duke Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, is pleased to announce four workshops included with registration:

  1. Learning VIVO Development
  2. Hands On With the Dimensions API
  3. Exploring Research Information Citizenship in an Institutional Context

  4. Product Evolution: Exploring New Technologies

For more information, see http://vivoconference.org/news/workshops

See you in Durham!

Membership Task Force is forming  Can you help VIVO by helping us bring in new members?  Do you have fund-raising experience, or perhaps you would like to learn about fund-raising for non-profits?  The VIVO Membership Task Force is forming for 2018.  The group will be identifying prospects for membership and working with people across the US, Canada, and Europe to develop the potential for new members of Duraspace supporting the VIVO Project.  Membership provides the revenue for sustaining VIVO project infrastructure, travel, communications, and facilitation of key processes.  VIVO gets a lot done for a small amount of money through its incredible community of volunteers.  Help us build a strong community of members that financially support the project.  Consider joining the VIVO Membership Task Force.  We will meet every three weeks through October.  We are looking for one or two people willing to help.  Please contact Mike Conlon if you are interested in helping VIVO in this way.  We greatly appreciate your interest!

Apps and Tools  The Apps and Tools Interest Group will meet this Thursday at 1 PM US Eastern Time.  The group discusses  and presents tools and applications that can be used with VIVO.  Join the call to learn more about tools people are using with VIVO.  new comers are very welcome on all VIVO Interest Group calls.  Hope to see you Thursday.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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