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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star) Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn
  2. Benjamin Gross
  3. Kitio Fofack
  4. Tim Worrall
  5. Huda Khan

  6. Mike Conlon 

  7. Muhammad Javed

  8. Steven McCauley 

  9. Marijane White 
  10. Jim Blake (star)

  11. Christian Hauschke

  12. Don Elsborg

  13. Dong Joon (DJ) Lee

  14. Brian Lowe


  1. Updates from Duraspace Summit (Mike Conlon)
  2. April Sprint (starts April 23)
    1. List of tasks for VIVO 1.10 release (Benjamin Gross)
  3. Proposal for advanced role management (Graham Triggs)
  4. Review and testing needed

    1. VIVO-1458 - Update to Jena 3.6 IN REVIEW
      1. Reviewed by Sarbajit DuttaMike Conlon (reviewing).
    2. VIVO-1373 - VIVO 1.10 Beta 2 does not support FROM and FROM NAMED queries IN REVIEW
      1. Reviewed by Sarbajit DuttaMike Conlon (reviewing).
    3. VIVO-1435 - Compliance with ORCID style guidelines IN REVIEW
      1.  Andrew Woods (approved), Mike Conlon
    4. VIVO-1447 - Organize the ontology files. Produce a vivo.owl IN REVIEW
      1. Marijane White, Christian Hauschke, Muhammad Javed 

Meeting Notes

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Action items

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