Duraspace Summit  Each year, Duraspace has a member summit to build community, share progress from its various affiliated projects, and provide the projects with an opportunity to meet and grow.  This year, the Summit was held in San Diego. About 100 people attended. It featured two invited panels – one on the use of persistent identifiers, and one on the future of "open" in scholarly communication.  Three VIVO breakout sessions were held – the first, chaired by Julia Trimmer, provided an opportunity for each of the five action planning areas to report on work to date and take questions.  The second, chaired by Mike Conlon focused on membership – experiences of the past, opportunities to grow membership in the future.  The third breakout was chaired by Andrew Woods and addressed the sprints, development practices, encouraging the alignment of committers, product evolution, developers, and ontologists.  The Summit is a good opportunity to discuss VIVO and to meet people from the other Duraspace facilitated projects.  To learn more about becoming a member of Duraspace supporting VIVO, visit http://duraspace.org/about_membership

Coalition for Networked Information Spring Meeting.  Following the Summit, the Coalition for Networked Information held its spring meeting, also in San Diego.  This meeting attracts 400 or so library and information technology specialists, mostly from the United States, to discuss current projects.  There were two keynotes.  Joan Lippincott of CNI presented on user-centric design of information and library practices.  Larry Smarr presented on high-speed computing and networking both nationally and in California.  There were several presentations on the concept of research intelligence, the use of collated and curated data to inform research strategy of an institution.  Tom Cramer of Stanford presented on RIALTO, a system being designed and built at Stanford, based on VIVO, to provide research intelligence capability for Stanford.  The University of Cincinnati presented their locally developed Research Hub, an integrated system providing profiles, research intelligence, grant administration, and faculty review and reporting.

Implementation Interest Group  The Implementation Interest Group will have a call this Thursday at 1 PM US eastern time.  The call is a great place for people to share their experiences with VIVO implementations, ask questions, and get answers.  Newcomers are very welcome.  Considering and implementation?  Planning?  Working?  Please join us on Thursday.

A New Front-end for VIVO  At the VIVO 2017 Conference, Hector Correa and Steve McCauley of Brown University presented A New Front-End for VIVO, describing how Brown University replaced the delivered VIVO front-end with an all new interface using Ruby-on-Rails and Solr.  The result is very impressive – attractive, fast, and functional.  See Researchers @ Brown at http://vivo.brown.edu



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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