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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star) Indicating note-taker

  1. Ralph O'Flinn
  2. Benjamin Gross
  3. Kitio Fofack
  4. Tim Worrall 
  5. Andrew Woods
  6. Huda Khan (star)

  7. Mike Conlon

  8. Steven McCauley

  9. Marijane White
  10. Muhammad Javed

  11. Jim Blake

  12. Qazi Asim Ijaz Ahmad

  13. Brian Lowe

  14. Andrei Tudor

  15. Christian Hauschke

  16. Don Elsborg


  1. What are folks working on?
    1. Interest in future "show and tell" webinars?
  2. Sprint planning
    1. April Sprint tasks  – (brainstorming candidate topics)
      1. VIVO-1410 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - several dependent tasks mentioned in this ticket
      2. Decoupling of search index
      3. Ontology updates
      4. Multi-language support
    2. Aligning priorities meeting - tomorrow @10am ET
  3. Tickets being worked or considered?
    1. VIVO-114 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Ralph O'Flinn
    2. VIVO-1458 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - anyone?
    3. VIVO-1340 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Mike Conlon
    4. VIVO-1451 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Kitio Fofack
    5. VIVO-1435 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Benjamin Gross - offer guidance?
    6. VIVO-1449 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Jim Blake - offer guidance?
  4. Review and testing needed
    1. VIVO-1405 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      1. Awaiting one more reviewer...
    2. VIVO-1408 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      1. Awaiting one more reviewer...
  5. Pull-request with no apparent ticket
    1. - dating back to 2016
  6. Updates on development workshop at VIVO2018?

Discussion items

Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • Starting with question regarding what people may be working on and may like to talk about

    • Mike: ontologists have open pull request around VIVO.owl.  Once reviewed and merged, there will be number of rapid follow ups.  This would be considered a blocker. Trying to organize the ontology files and will then consider how to improve the files.


    • Javed: there will be updates to ontology documentation.  People who have their own ontology modifications will have to reapply them.

  • Introductions may be in order.  Asim is new, doing VIVO development at TIB

  • Sprint coming up next month: April 23

    • Proposed tasks:

    • If interested, please add your name here: and above on the tasks page

    • Javed: Please put your name on the proposed tasks page next to the task/team you’d like to participate in.

      • Christian: after the flu epidemic and Easter, expect names to be added there.

      • Ontology tasks: not about JAVA development but being able to load the files and check the VIVO application acts properly.

    • Mike: Can we resurrect Selenium tests (like Holly Mistlebauer at Cornell used to do), Jim?

      • Jim: I know where to find Holly.  She had a checklist which included some places where manual intervention was needed.  

      • Javed: Different for Jena 3?  Mike: Functionally, selenium tests should work the same for jena 3 as they do for jena 2.

      • Tim: Assuming Holly used Firefox, but Selenium no longer supported on latest versions of Firefox. There may be a Chrome version but not sure if Holly’s original tests would run there.  

      • Conclusion: Will be looking into what it takes to run these tests. (Correct me if I’m wrong, thanks.)


        • Regarding Selenium tests.

    • Andrew: Defining tasks in advance of the sprint and translating tasks to JIRA issues would lead to greater efficiency during the sprint.  Sprint proposed tasks 1-6: can we get one or two people to draft out expectations/details for the tasks and then we can translate the tasks into JIRA issues?  Could also discuss those tasks on the next developer call?

      • Javed: Link each task to JIRA tickets and have a description.  When we actually start working on the tickets, we may need to add additional tickets.  In JIRA, if we could have a separate sprint section for each sprint.

      • Andrew: created action to create sprint board in JIRA for spring 1 and sprint 2

      • Kitio: Do you want us to add subtasks for testing? (I.e. testing tasks could be their own tasks)

        • Andrew: Creating separate JIRA tickets: implies someone else could do it, and not necessarily of the functional ticket/is a more granular activity we can track.

          • Better to have testing as part of the pull request/before we actually merge into develop.  

          • Document in functional JIRA ticket or pull request the steps required to reproduce the issue/verify it works.

          • Ideally moving towards having better integration tests.  

      • Andrew: Is there an additional step needed between the level of description available on the proposed tasks page and the JIRA ticket to be created?  Perhaps have a little more description in the tasks to help create more useful JIRA tickets.

      • Javed: Good to have a separate meeting where interested developers can sit together and define the JIRA tickets.

        • Jim: Isn’t that part of the sprint?  

        • Javed: Sprint is only two weeks and this is the first sprint. Would be good to take the extra time beforehand.  

        • Andrew: the nature of the sprint itself - large continuum of effectiveness. The more planning we have pre-sprint “does wonders” to make the sprint more effective. (Huda: The whole thing is more or less a quote but I guess I wanted to emphasize that part of the sentence).

          • But we can use part of the next developer meeting to help plan the sprint if we can’t find time separately to meet/define the sprints.

          • Javed: Start with emails to define tasks, but perhaps most of work can be done via slack/email.  We can then decide if we still need more time/a meeting.

          • Andrew: Please include me in these email threads.

  • 2b.  Various stakeholders in VIVO community should know what the priorities are.  Product evolution team is looking at how to move the VIVO product forward . Developer team has overlapping interests.  The steering group have their interests in the process and the ability to devote resources (i.e. people and time) to tasks.  Hopefully priorities align/make their way into the first sprint.

  • Tickets = opportunities for people to start getting into the process.  

    • Andrew: Ralph, your work probably broader than mobile friendly interface.

      • Ralph: Looked at various themes/templates (Symplectic, etc.) and tried to get Symplectic to work in the application out of the box.  Being asked to put into production this weekend. Ralph is going to do so.

        • Keeping it as close to what VIVO is doing.  Trying not to go too far into the bounds, so that work I do can be brought back into the VIVO community.  

        • Will update the ticket to show work has started/update the status.  

  • 3b & 3c.    Could be relatively low-hanging fruit.  “Jumping jack” tickets to get warmed up.  

    • Andrew: Do we need more institutional commitment so people can feel more comfortable devoting time to these tickets?

    • Christian: We would be interested in working on these but just need time to acquaint ourselves with the tickets.

    • Mike: 1340 is assigned to me.

    • Benjamin: 3c may be less straightforward than 3b.  

  • Kitio: Ticket focusing on doing a proof of concept for multilingual support, to allow capability map to work in different languages by the end of the sprint.  Trying to find solutions on this before the sprint. Updated info in JIRA as there are some tasks/aspects that are already done. If there are any questions, feel free to ask here on email/slack.

    • Christian: this seems like a nice task for our developers to also work on.  Let’s coordinate.

    • Andrew’s meta comment: JIRA comment.  The notion of subtasks = in JIRA cannot close the parent ticket until all subtasks are closed.  Generally favor separate tickets to start and then use JIRA to create semantically meaningful links (dependencies/addresses larger task).  Can’t close the sprint if a ticket has tasks where the subtasks have not been completed.

      • Jim: But why would you want to close the parent task if the subtasks are not finished?

      • Andrew: Easier to close the sprint as a unit of work.  (Huda: Please feel free to correct me Andrew. )

  • 3e and f: Benjamin and Jim have expertise relevant to some of these.

    • Benjamin: 1435 - ORCID had changed style guidelines to require https.  Also recommend put ORCID logo next to it. Changed one thing in the ORCID API client.  Trying to see if it will affect or have an unintended consequence in VIVO.

      • Mike: ORCIDs already confirmed will not have https while newer ones will and this may lead to some issues later.  Question regarding how to upgrade existing ORCID assertions.

      • Ralph: When we upgraded ours in Symplectic, it still listed our ORCIDs but they still have to be reconfirmed.  

      • Benjamin: Don’t think reconfirmations will occur with this pull request.  The confirmed ORCIDs will already be in VIVO. If someone with an old ORCID somehow changed it, they would have to go through confirmation process and there might be problems there.

      • Andrew: please put comment in ticket.  

      • Benjamin: should be a link already there.  “Start work”.

  • 4: Tim, thank you for reviewing these.  More people supposed to review.

Bye. : )

Action items

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