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Steering Group Members

Dean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Andi Ogier,  Lauren GalaEric Meeks,  Alex ViggioDong Joon (DJ) Lee,  Mark NewtonPaul Albert (star)

(star)= note taker

Project Staff

debra hanken kurtzAndrew Woods


Mike Conlon

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  1. Discussion and proposed endorsement of Mike Conlon’s continued role as Project Director for the VIVO Project for the near term (long term, the Project Director role will be part of the strategy discussions on governance and organization).Discussion of Project Director role in the VIVO Project:
    1. Proposed ex-officio position on VIVO Leadership Group and VIVO Steering Group
    2. Proposed access to VIVO project resources through DuraSpace: email address, approved VIVO travel (subject to approval by Chair of the Steering Group), use of DuraSpace Zoom account, ability to request other resources as needed
  2. Action plans from the Summit: feedback so far, questions, barriers


  • Attendees: Hannah Sommers, Paul Albert, Julie Griffin, Mark Newton, Lauren Gala, Andi Ogier, Dean Krafft, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Tom Cramer, Andrew Woods, Julia Trimmer, Terrie Wheeler, Alex Viggio, Julie Griffin, Eric Meeks
  • Project Director role
    • Tom: did you discuss this in Durham? Dean: no, but this is parallel to the discussion around strategic planning. 
    • Andrew: I feel Mike is extremely valuable to the project. I would support him continuing to do that.
    • Dean: Mike has been part of the glue that has been holding together the project.
    • Terrie: is there a job description for his previous role as project director? Debra: Yes, I shared that previously. Terrie: if Mike has an accident overseas, would we have some sort of compensation? Debra: no. We have workmen's comp, and every year I disclose the status of each employee.
    • Dean: FYI, I'm approving VIVO-related travel reimbursement.
    • Julia: Mike requested that he formally be added as a Leadership Group member. There are a couple ways we could do this.
    • Dean: we could say that the Project Director serves ex officio in the Leadership and Steering groups.
    • Tom: I would assume he's accountable to the Steering Group. Dean: yes.
    • Debra: we're going to discuss possible changes to governance at the Summit, particularly ways to harmonize approaches between the respective projects.
    • Dean: we still need to work out some of the details of job responsibilities. We probably don't want to do that here.
    • Dean: I propose that we accept Mike as being Project Director.
    • Debra: here's a draft of Mike's responsibilities.
    • Julia: longer term, it could be Mike would want to off-load some of his responsbilities, like scheduling. I think his interests lie in doing more strategic work rather than, say, scheduling. We're not at the point where we could backfill with volunteers. Dean: I think some of that happen with the broader strategic planning. We do need to work with him.
    • Debra: I do think you will want to revise the job description. There is some stuff in there that is not accurate.
    • Dean: any objections? Group: no objections
  • Access to VIVO project resources
    • Debra: the Google accounts are set up for staff use. Having Google access gives him access to all our internal docs. I'm not quite comfortable with that. I would like to transition Mike on April 1 to whatever email he wants.
    • Dean: if you could continue to forward the email address, that would be good.
  • The Summit
    • Julia: we're looking to schedule regular action plan leader sessions.
    • Debra: there will be breakout sessions at the Summit for each of the projects. It seems like that would be a good time to discuss the work done in Durham. There is also some interest in having some breakout time across sessions.
    • Julia: who's working on the agenda? Debra: me, I'm sharing a draft soon and a finished draft a week before the Summit.
    • Alex: what about remote attendance? Debra: there are no plans for remote attendance but we might be able to work something out with you, Alex.
    • Terrie: can we work in the evening? Debra: sure, that time should be free. Debra: I can volunteer to get the agenda from Debra.

 Action Items