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Steering Group Members

Dean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Andi Ogier,  Lauren GalaEric Meeks,  Alex ViggioDong Joon (DJ) Lee,  Mark NewtonPaul Albert (star)

(star)= note taker

Project Staff

Mike Conlondebra hanken kurtzAndrew Woods


Mark Fallu, Bart Ragon,

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  1. Review agenda
  2. Research Graph update – Mike.  See below.
  3. Tech Community update – Andrew. See below
  4. Governance model proposal – Mike, all.  See Proposed Duraspace Membership Model (and click on Duraspace Membership.pdf)
    and Proposed VIVO Governance Changes
  5. March 1 meeting  – Julia, all
  6. March 1 meeting facilitation - Debra, all
  7. Steering committee members should attend these calls, or they shouldn't be members... right? – Paul
  8. Your item here


  1. Research Graph pilot is working to get its participants.  APO Australia (service provider) is ready to sign.  MOU being finalized. University of Melbourne, GESIS Germany are building local funding/team for project work.  Amir Aryani will present results of the pilot at RDA Plenary in Berlin March 21-23.
  2. Tech Community: 
    1. Relatively healthy number of community members interested in getting more involved
    2. Folks are exercising the mechanics of community software development: creating tickets, submitting updates and reviewing other's code
    3. However, very few (approximating 0) folks who have direct experience in the codebase
    4. A decision around a development sustainability plan regarding who will be developing and maintaining the core would be valuable: 
      1. Community?
      2. Contracted developers?
      3. Full-time staff?


  • See updates above
  • Tech community: how do we push the code forward?
    • Almost no one knows the innards of the VIVO code except for Graham and Jim Blake.
    • There's an open question about what is the long-term sustainability of the software. It would be good if we had some consensus on a path forward. Should we work on building up the community? Contractor development? Hire full-time staff?
    • Dean: is this a significant topic for March 1 discussion? Mike: definitely Paul: we should consider discussing how we can split VIVO up into components and decide which parts to support and not.
    • Julia: plaudits to Andrew on his contributions to the VIVO community to date
  • Steering committe membership and attendance
    • Who is going to do the talking? Dean: I volunteer myself.
  • Membership practices
    • Michele thinks the governance of the projects should be better aligned
    • See Proposed Duraspace Membership and Governance Model (and click on the DuraSpace Membership PDF file).
      and Proposed VIVO Governance Changes
    • Mike: we're the only project to have community-elected members.  VIVO would have three community members, and they would be elected to the Leadership group. The reason this is important is that the Leadership group meets every month. Subset of Leadership forms Steering group. We could elect 3 people from our community. The Leadership would decide amongst them who are the 9 Steering Group members.... Proposal includes members from Europe.
    • Debra: we have to be careful about cancelling a couple hours ahead of time for European attendees.... If we ask for money from corporations, we think this gives them the proper while also providing a check (by the steering vote) to prevent undue influence.
  • Registered service providers
    • Debra: Symplectic is returning as a registered service provider.
    • Dean: we ran into trouble when we had multiple vendors, and a vendor didn't think they could speak freely in the presence of other vendors
    • Dean: what are the RSPs looking for? Debra: they would like to have a say on the project roadmap. They would like to have a say on community members.
    • Paul: Jonathan has said that he wants VIVO to be more visually appealing.
  • Strategy meeting
    • Google doc for strategy meeting:
    • Julia: Morning will be strategy. Afternoon will be action. We'll be looking for volunteers to be on a small subcommittee to put together a short-term action plan and see it to fruition throughout the year.
    • Debra: I propose we have set roles. This has worked elsewhere. One could be timekeeper / notetaker. Another could be facilitator. Person could help direct conversation, call people in order. Finally, the person who is running the meeting and making sure the conversation is relevant.
  • Debra: will send out a Doodle budget about budget

 Action Items