Slack and Zoom.  With the new year come new technologies for use by the VIVO project.

  • Slack is a popular team collaboration tool.  You can join VIVO Slack here:  We have channels for development, ontology, camp, and more.  Join the collaboration!
  • Zoom is a popular web-based video conferencing tool.  VIVO has moved from WebEx to Zoom.  All future VIVO on-line meetings will be held in Zoom.  We are updating the wiki, calendars and other notes to reference new Zoom meetings locations.

Development.  The Development Interest group will meet every Tuesday at 11 AM US Eastern.  All info here: 

Ontology.  The Ontology Improvement Task Force will meet every other Tuesday at 10 AM US eastern.  All info here:

Apps and Tools. The Apps and Tools Interest Group will meet this Thursday at 1 PM US Eastern at its new Zoom location:

Webinar: VIVO and the Role of Librarians.  From Violeta Ilik: I wanted to share with all of you two upcoming webinars that are scheduled to happen in February and March. They relate to VIVO and the role of librarians. I am very happy that American Library Association is acknowledging the role of librarians in implementation and continuous support of this project and I am truly honored to have been asked to teach these two webinars. Hope you can join in or recommend to someone.

For more information please visit these two links:

Ideas about VIVO? Please share your ideas about VIVO and Vitro with us.  You can share on a list, on Slack, directly with a member of the VIVO Leadership GroupVIVO Steering Group, send directly to me – Mike Conlon.  We are always looking to hear from you about ways to make VIVO and Vitro better.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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