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Sites have asked for a sprint schedule at least six months out so that they can commit to sprints, and organize topics for sprints.

No expectation that people would participate in each sprint.  Participate in the sprints of interest.

Avoid Thanksgiving and the December holidays.

Critical mass – sprint leader experienced with vivo community development process (1), topics (1-3), developers (2-4 per topic), committers (1 per topic)

2018 Schedule

April 23 - May 4 2018-04 Sprint - Proposed Tasks

May 21 - June 1 2018-05-21 - 1.10 Release Planning Meeting

December 3 - 7  2018-12 Sprint


The sprint schedule below has been approved by VIVO Leadership Group.  Please plan to participate!

  • March 18-29
  • June 17-28
  • September 16-27
  • December 2-13

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  1. I'm concerned that a monthly schedule is too frequent for our developer base. I understand that not every developer needs to participate in every sprint, but if we have sprints frequently enough, we may get only 3 or 4 developers participating in a given sprint.

    At what point is a sprint not really a sprint?

    My impulse is to say quarterly - every 3 months.

  2. I share your concern, Jim. We at TIB won't be able to take part on such a regular basis.The schedule above would mean that 24 of 52 weeks a year are dedicated to sprints.

  3. Keeping in mind my responsibilities at Cornell and other engagements, I will not be able to get involved in a sprint more than once in a quarter.

  4. See the 2019 approved dates (quarterly!)  Thanks for all the feedback!