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The VIVO Steering Group has had members chosen independently of the Leadership Group.  SG members had three year terms.  In the spring of 2018, the LG agreed to constitute the SG as a subset of the LG, phasing in the adoption over the terms of the existing SG members, and to have an SG of ten members, one is the project director and one is the joint SG/LG chair.

Two members members of SG are stepping down (Lauren and Dean), four have terms that are ending (Alex, Eric, Julia, Andi).  Three have continuing terms (Mark, DJ, Paul).

For the new SG, we will include the three SG members with continuing terms, the LG chair, and the project director.  We will need five new members for the Steering Group. 

Each member elected by the procedure below will be elected to a one year term.

Five Members to be Elected by the Leadership Group


Any member of the LG can be nominated for the SG by a member of the LG. Self-nominations are helpful. As of July 13 2018, at least five people must be nominated to serve on the SG. If fewer than five nominations are received, nominations will remain open.

Leadership group members should send their nominations to Mike Conlon

Nominations must be received by July 26 5 PM US Eastern time.


Five new members of the steering group will be elected from the nominations made by the leadership group. Each member of the leadership group will receive one ballot and can vote for up to five new members of the steering group. The five top vote getters will be elected. Tied candidates will face a run-off.

The election will be held by Google Forms starting July 27, all votes must be received by 5 PM August 2 US Eastern time.