Service Providers.  Do you provide professional services to the VIVO community, assisting with planning, data acquisition, implementation, hosting, upgrades or other?  Please contact Erin Tripp, Duraspace, to make sure you are listed with Duraspace as a service provider.

Donations.  Did you know you can make personal financial donations to help the VIVO Project?  As a non-profit, Duraspace is in a position to accept your donation and provide a receipt for tax purposes.  As the end of the year approaches, and you consider potential philanthropy, please consider supporting the VIVO Project with a donation.  To make a donation, please contact Valorie Hollister, Duraspace.

Membership.  Membership in Duraspace supports the VIVO project by providing the financial resources necessary to advance the software, and the community.  If your institution is using VIVO – exploring VIVO, implementing VIVO, or using VIVO to provide services to your institution, please consider a membership in Duraspace.  Your institution receives direct benefits as a member.  Each of the sites in the community benefits from financial stability, and the ability to advance the software and further develop the community.  To become a member, please contact Michele Mennielli, Duraspace.

Coalition for Networked Information.  If you plan to attend the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) meeting in Washington DC, December 11-12, and you are interested in meeting up with other VIVO Community members, please let me know.  Would be good to meet with VIVO people in DC in December.

VIVO Camp.  We had a wonderful time in Durham at VIVO Camp!  Lots of learning, sharing, and camaraderie.  Participants set up their own VIVOs, explored the world of linked data, learned about ontologies, wrote SPARQL queries, and were introduced to Karma, a tool for creating data for VIVO.  A good time was had by all. Thank you to all the participants and instructors!   We are planning a Camp for the spring – dates and location to be determined. Interested? Please contact Julia Trimmer.

No Interest Group Call this week.  The normally scheduled Apps and Tools call for this Thursday is canceled.  This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States.  Traditionally, families gather for turkey dinner and share what good fortune they have with each other.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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