Membership supports VIVO  How can we afford to do the work we do – advance the software, organize meetings, provide documentation, evangelize VIVO, work with partners, and coordinate the work of all the volunteers supporting VIVO?  The answer is membership in Duraspace supporting the VIVO project.  The VIVO Project relies on you – the users of VIVO, to provide financial support through institutional memberships.  Our sincere thanks go out to all the sites that are institutional members.  You can find a list of these fine folks here:  VIVO Members.  I would like to thank each and every member for their critical financial support.  Without members, there is no project.  If you are a member, please consider whether you might be able to increase your support.  If you are using VIVO and you are not a member, please start a discussion at your institution regarding membership.  If you have questions about membership or member benefits, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Becoming a member is easy.  Follow this link: (that's so easy you can remember it, or write it down).  And please tell your friends and share with others in the VIVO community.  We look forward to your continuing support!

The VIVO Conference  This is NOT the last time VIVO Updates will tell you about the VIVO Conference.  Next week is the last VIVO Updates before the conference.  If you haven't made plans, you still have a 10 days!  See Weill Cornell Medicine has done a tremendous job with local arrangements – we have an exciting line-up of workshops on August 3 followed by an opening reception at the Skylight Lounge, fabulous keynotes and invited speakers, tons of contributed work showing VIVO at various institutions, problems being solved, work for the future, Posters, panels, and of course, an opportunity to discuss VIVO with practitioners from around the world.  It's going to be a great time and I hope to meet you and discuss VIVO with you.  I want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.  Sponsors provide critical support for the conference.  When you are at the conference, please stop by the sponsor tables, discuss their interests and thank them for their support.  A special thanks to our institutional sponsors providing additional support.  You can find the sponsors listed on the conference home page.

Ontology Improvements  The Ontology Improvement Task Force will have its next meeting Monday July 31, at 10 AM US Eastern.  The group has been defining a new ontology improvement process for tracking issues, working issues, and insuring that ontology improvements are represented in versions of the released VIVO software – we also expect to be able to update the ontology without needing to update the software.

One feature of the ontology improvement process is the concept of impact.  Some changes are cosmetic, internal, or otherwise have no impact on existing VIVO sites.  Other changes will require changes to the data of existing sites.  And still other changes will require changes to the data and software of running sites.  As changes are proposed, we will try our best to be clear about the impact of a proposed change.  We are planning to have proposed changes vetted by the community during an open comment period.

You can find the draft ontology improvement process, available for comment, here:

Apps and Tools  The Apps and Tools Interest Group will have a call this Thursday at 1 PM Eastern time.  Here's the webex link:  We will take a look at the new Triple Pattern Fragments server available in version 1.10 and available now in OpenVIVO here: 



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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