The VIVO Conference  The VIVO Conference is the VIVO event of the year.  Keynotes, invited speakers, contributed presentations, posters, round tables, vendors, and your VIVO colleagues.  Plan to join us at Weill Cornell Medical College, 1300 York Street, New York, New York.  More information is on-line at the conference web site with its easy-to-remember web address New York is easy to get to by air and there are lots of places to stay and more things to do and see.  Conference registration is a bargain, and flights to New York are inexpensive.  We have a great deal with the Bentley Hotel, just down the street.  Check it out.

VIVO 1.10 Beta available.  VIVO 1.10 Beta is available for download and testing.  There are many new features, fixes, and improvements.  See VIVO 1.10.0 Release Planning for a list of what's in 1.10.  Some highlights:

  • Linked Data Fragments server.  VIVO will serve data via a new open API, via linked data fragments.  We hope this will make it much easier to use VIVO data across sites.  See Linked Data Fragments
  • Support for Jena 3 and RDF 1.1.  As standards evolve, VIVO evolves.  See What's New in RDF 1.1  The upgrade to VIVO 1.10 includes an upgrade to Jena 3, which supports RDF 1.1
  • A beta release of a new responsive theme, tenderfoot, based on Twitter Bootstrap.  Not ready for prime-time yet, but shows a direction for a responsive new interface, and for generating additional new themes.

Please download the beta and give a try.  And please report your findings on

JIRA.  VIVO and Vitro track their issues in JIRA.  We have issues grouped by "components" – ontology, interface, documentation, architecture, and lots more.  Using JIRA, you can see a list of known bugs in VIVO, see what is tagged as an issue for version 1.10.  JIRA is available to all members of the VIVO and Vitro communities.  If you have a Duraspace account, you can visit If you don't have a Duraspace account, contact Graham Triggs to get one.  New to JIRA? Search for JIRA intros – there are many, and one should suit your style.

VIVO at Open Repositories.  Graham Triggs and I will be at Open Repositories June 26-29.  We're on the program twice – a poster, and a 24x7 presentation.  If you plan to be in Brisbane, please contact us.  Let's get together!

Presenting about VIVO? Are you planning to present about VIVO or Vitro at upcoming conferences?  We'd love to hear from you.  We have a running list of conferences that people in the VIVO community are planning to attend.  You can find it here:  Conferences Attended and to Attend.  Add your conference, or presentation!  

No apps and tools call this Thursday.  Due to travel, there will be no Apps and Tools call this Thursday.  



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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