VIVO 2017, NYC, Aug 2-4.  The VIVO Conference has some changes this year, changes we think you will like.  First, workshops are included in the registration price.  You should come for Wednesday, the workshop day, and stay for Thursday and Friday.  The workshops have no extra registration fees.  This is a big savings and one we hope will encourage additional participants in the workshops.  Second, registration prices have been lowered.  The conference has the same benefits as always, but at lower registration fees.  How did we do that?  Well, that's the third thing – the conference will be not be held at a hotel.  Weill Cornell Medicine is hosting the conference and they have done a spectacular job lining up space and support for the conference.  So plan now to attend what promises to be a different, yet familiar VIVO conference.  Register now before the early bird rates end. 

Ontology domain definition.  Last week we described the work of the Ontology Improvement Task Force and their interest in creating a "domain definition" for VIVO.  The domain definition answers the question "what does the VIVO ontology describe?" You can find a draft of the domain definition here:  The draft is completely open to all for comments and editing.  We've received quite a few very good comments and suggestions and the document is much better as a result.  Please help!

Who should have a profile?  We are often asked this question.  Our answer is that the institutions doing VIVO projects decide for themselves.  That said, many institutions explore the question and many come to similar conclusions.  The question is the topic of a first column in what I expect to be a monthly series, exploring topics of common interest to those engaged in creating profiles.  Please see the inaugural column "Who should have a profile?" available here.  The piece is about 800 words long and non-technical.  Let me know what you think.  And what you think might be good topics for future columns.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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