New York State of Mind.  Summer is coming and with summer come thoughts of New York and the VIVO Conference.  The conference will be held at Weill Cornell Medicine, August 2-4, 2017.  Conference registration includes half-day workshops, invited speakers, keynotes, posters, and presentations by your colleagues in the VIVO community. Join us for the premier VIVO event of the year.  Registration is open!

VIVO Camp.  The first VIVO Camp was held in Albuquerque New Mexico, April 6-8.  We had a great group of attendees from del Rosario University, Stanford, the University of New Mexico, MIT, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, the University of Auckland, McMaster University, and UNAVCO. Lots of learning and sharing about VIVO and VIVO projects! Thanks to the instructors Julia TrimmerVioleta IlikPaul Albert, and Graham Triggs who joined me in presenting material and leading discussions.  

When and where should we hold the next camp?  Drop us a note a let us know what you think.

Ontology Domain.  We all know what VIVO is about, right?  Kinda sorta?  But sometimes we are surprised by what we find and don't find in the VIVO ontology.  There might be things we want to say about our faculty and our experts that are difficult to say, or are missing.  And conversely, people who study the ontology (you know who you are) find things in the ontology that might not be relevant to the work of VIVO.  Nothing is perfect.  That's why we have an Ontology Improvement Task Force.  The task force is working on a draft "domain definition" describing the domain of the VIVO ontology.  Domain definitions are often accompanied by "competency questions"  – questions that should be answerable using the ontology.  The draft domain definitio, competency questions and some observations are available here: and is open for comments and review.  

Please take a look.

Outreach call this Thursday.  This Thursday, May 4 at 1 PM US Eastern time, the Outreach and Engagement Interest Group will have its monthly call.  everyone is invited to share thoughts about engaging people with VIVO.  This is a non-technical call.  All are welcome!  Here's the  WebEx Link

Can't make the call?  Share your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns on the VIVO Community Google Group (web) (email)



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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