What's hot?  Ontology is hot, that's what's hot.  Interested in the ontologies that drive VIVO?  So are we.  Here's some newness around the VIVO ontologies:

  • Muhammad Javed of Cornell has written a VIVO Ontology Explorer.  Give it a try!.  Javed's tool shows which VIVO ontology classes and properties come from which underlying ontology used by VIVO.  That's very cool!  Javed's tool links to the LODE representation of the VIVO ontology, and uses the existing domain diagrams from the VIVO ontology.  All in a very clear and clean presentation.  A great addition to the VIVO tool set.  Interested in learning more about the VIVO ontology and the ontologies VIVO uses?  Spend some time with the VIVO Ontology Explorer.
  • The Ontology Improvement Task Force is up and running!  The task force will develop a domain definition for the VIVO ontology, as well as propose processes for making ontological changes.  Some changes are minor and can be done without effecting running VIVO systems.  Other changes would have consequences for existing VIVO systems.  The task force will consider both. The task force will have a call Monday, March 13 at 11 AM US Eastern Daylight time.  The US went to daylight savings time Sunday morning, moving its clocks forward one hour.  If you are planning on joining the ontology call, please check your time zones.  Here's the WebEx Link.
  • Protege Training.  Stanford University will be hosting a Protege short course regarding Protege tool for ontology development and management, March 29-31 on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto.  Mike Conlon will be attending – hope to see you there.

Implementation Call this Thursday  Join Paul Albert on the Implementation Interest Group call this Thursday at 1 PM US Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  Here's the Webex link.  The call is a great place to start for those planning VIVO implementations, those in the middle of creating VIVO for their institutions, and those taking care of systems already implemented.  The group takes questions, shares tips and tricks and provides a home away from home for those setting up VIVO.  Project managers welcome!

Upcoming events – Camp and Conference  VIVO Camp and the VIVO Conference are coming up:

  • VIVO Camp will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Albuquerque New Mexico, April 6-8.  Register now!
  • VIVO Conference will be held at Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City, New York, August 2-4.  The Call for Proposals is open.  Submit your proposal now!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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