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  • Task force goal: deliver a theme based on Symplectic bootstrap work
    • will likely improve ability to create future themes along the way


Symplectic Bootstrap Theme

Demonstration site:

GitHub Repository:


Mobile first (Twitter Bootstrap provides reasonable views on different size devices)

jQuery 1.9

Test cases for pages and functionality

Must maintain Wilma functionality

Desirable to have a theme that can be customization for an institution with only knowing Twitter Bootstrap and CSS.  No need to open templates.

Known issues

Currently Funnelback.  Needs to be Solr.

Table view for publications only applies to author?

JSP interaction with FTL needs work

Developer panel broke – needs to be restored for additional work on the templates

JavaScript with visualizations

 - Map of Science - still messed up (wrong jQuery block-ui-min), lot of 1.3 specific calls

   - hid table on the side

Object page author layout breaks if there are more than 3 rows of authors (float issue)


Sabih - adding the Bootstrap classes was fairly trivial

Issues with conflicts on jQuery.

Carousel - built in jQuery.

Home page - 3 columns

Profile page

Basket functionality - uses Funnelback

Comments in CSS say "for Funnelback only"

Profile page

3 out of 12 for sidebar, 9 of 12 for rest of content.

Publication creates a td for every item.

ReadCube / Figshare integration - readshare.js

Makes request for every publication - may have load time implications

Switched from list to table view - authorinAuthorship

Object pages (single publication, etc.)

If there are more than 3 rows of authors, it looks odd

ReadCube is a JavaScript integration

Capbility Map needs review

co investigators - 1.9 translation file change

Mike - do we stumble out of the Bootstrap as we view "all" pages in VIVO?

Simon - we haven't touched anything involved with editing.  Pages mostly look okay as they inherit theming from higher level templates.

Benjamin - worked on some of the site admin pages

Mike - Funnelback and Solr. Interesting that there is new functionality - e.g. "shopping cart".

Simon - currently very dependent on Funnelback. Easy to do something in JavaScript.

Mike – Do we have or can we create a mechanism to inspect pages in VIVO – that is, what pages are there?  We need QA to "see" that pages are displayed properly.

Graham – there are edge cases that may not show up in the inspections.

Simon – Can we deliver the theme as a work in progress?

Mike – Would like to advance VIVO by having an attractive theme as an option.

Mike – internationalization is orthogonal to the theming work?

Sabih – Yes.  Some small amounts of heading text in english.  Not much.

Mike – relationship of theming to development branch?

Benjamin – UNAVCO theme work based on recent development branch

UNAVCO theme code:

UNAVACO theme demo:

Simon – a hackathon to take Benjamin's work to and create a generic VIVO template that can be delivered to the community?

Mike – a sprint or hackathon.

Benjamin – based on develop branch

Benjamin – can set up a site admin account to allow you to take a look at those elements

Graham, Mike – great!

Action items