Internationalization  VIVO is used in more than 25 countries around the world.  See for a list of sites.  You can use the country selector on the right hand side of the list to select sites by country.  

VIVO is designed to support use in languages other than English, but there is much that can be improved.  Some of the text that VIVO displays comes from properties which can be set to languages other than English.  But additional text comes from the ontology, and still more text is present in the VIVO stylesheets.  And there are open questions about how to support editing in languages other than english.  Known open issues in VIVO language support can be found in the VIVO JIRA.

Over the past several weeks, there has been renewed interest in improving non-english and multi-language support in VIVO, including the documentation of multi-language support.  We'd like to organize a call for the week of December 11 to have a discussion of the current state of language support, and needed improvements.  We'd like to have the call at a time that is convenient for European sites to attend.  If you are interested in such a call, please send Graham Triggs an email expressing your interest.

We look forward to organizing an effort to improve VIVO support for languages other than English.

Looking to meet people who can help you?  The Outreach and Engagement Interest Group will have a call this Thursday.  This is non-technical call for people looking to meet people in the VIVO community.  Newcomers welcome!  As the name of the group suggests, the Outreach and Engagement Interest group is a collection of people who are interested in how best to engage people in the use of VIVO through various outreach activities.  It's a friendly group, and a great place to start if you are new to VIVO.  This is your invitation to join the call.  The call will be held at 1 PM US Eastern time on Thursday, December 1 via WebEX.  On any computer connected to the Internet, follow this link: Outreach and Engagement WebEx Link. If you haven't used WebEx before, it will take you a few minutes to set up.  You will want to have speakers and a microphone connected to your computer.  A camera is optional.  We hope are able to join the call.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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