148. 375  Those are the number of wiki pages and the number of PDF pages in the VIVO 1.9.x Documentation and VIVO 1.9 documentation PDF respectively.  We have finished moving the documentation to the documentation wiki.  The documentation wiki has documentation about the software and ontology – what it does and how it is used.  The VIVO wiki continues to be the place for all meetings, interest groups, task forces, planning, and community support.   The documentation wiki is organized by topics familiar to those supporting software.  The project wiki is organized by the needs of the community.

The documentation wiki has an outline, content in most areas of the outline, a style guide, and a first pass over all pages to move toward the style guide.  There is still quite a bit to do.  Some pages are missing or incomplete.  Other pages need to be updated with current content and screen shots.  Other areas need to be improved to address common questions.

In moving and editing content to the documentation wiki, the wiki's indications of "authorship" are often disrupted. The note on the VIVO Technical Documentation page in the project wiki should be emphasized:

These pages contain contributions from many members of the VIVO community. Confluence may state that a certain person has "created" a page, when in fact they have merely split, copied, or merged two existing pages. In this way, the pages may appear to be the work of a single person. Everyone who has worked on VIVO deserves recognition and thanks.

We will continue to improve the documentation.  If you would like to help, please contact Graham Triggs

Bootstrap VIVO  Symplectic has produced a new interface for VIVO.  Based on the popular Twitter Bootstrap (hence "Bootstrap VIVO") look and feel, the new interface is "responsive," meaning that it works well on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, as well as on computer screens of all sizes.  The interface provides new features, emphasizing expert finding.  The new interface is described in a talk given at the VIVO conference, and in a poster.  You can try the new interface here.  As you will see, it looks quite a bit like the new CU experts site and the new UOW Scholars site.  Both these sites use design principles in common with the Bootstrap VIVO work.  We have an opportunity to provide this interface as a selectable option in a future release of VIVO.  Let us know what you think.  If you are willing to help with providing this interface in a future version of VIVO, please contact Graham Triggs

Help Wanted  Speaking of help, VIVO is always looking for additional help.  If you would like to help VIVO, we have many opportunities:

  • Technical writing.  We need help with the documentation wiki.
  • Development.  Are you a developer?  Interested in fixing something that has been bugging you about VIVO?  Adding something that is missing?  There's quite a bit that can be done for the next release of VIVO (tentatively called VIVO 1.10)  See VIVO 1.10.0 Release Planning and consider working on pull requests, open JIRA requests or otherwise contributing.
  • Ontology.  We need help improving the ontologies used in VIVO.  Interested?  Please join The OpenRIF development group.
  • Community building.  Interested in helping build the VIVO community?  Communications?  Outreach?  
  • Conference planning.  The 2017 VIVO Conference planning is underway.  If you'd like to help, please contact the conference chair, Alex Viggio
  • VIVO Camps.  We'd like to create training opportunities for people to learn more about VIVO.  Interested in welcoming people to the community?  Helping them evaluate VIVO?  Helping them learn more about VIVO?
  • Membership.  We are always looking for new members.  Are you a member (check here).  If so, great!  We appreciate your support.  If not, please considering becoming a member.
  • Steering.  Interested in helping set the course of the project?  In the spring we will have openings on the VIVO Steering Group.  Please consider joining.
  • Web design.  The VIVO web site is always looking for new ideas, new design.
  • And more.  Just want to help?  Not sure where?  Please contact Mike Conlon.  Let's talk about your interests.

Please contact Mike Conlon if you are interested in helping the project in any way.

Apps and Tools  The Apps and Tools Interest Group will have its call this Thursday at 1 PM eastern.  The group discusses software that uses the VIVO APIs, and Linked Open Data - requests and responses to reuse VIVO data, as well as tools that produce VIVO data.  Interested in software development using VIVO data?  Please plan on joining the call.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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