The 7th annual VIVO Conference is just one week away.  See for program details and registration.

Here's an overview of each day's events.

Tuesday.  Documentation work party.  If you want to help with VIVO documentation, please join us in the Mattie Silks Room of the Marriott anytime after 9 AM.  A group will be working on VIVO documentation, organizing the new VIVO 1.9 technical documentation wiki.  At 6 PM, Digital Science will be hosting a spotlight event: Are You Open?  All are invited to attend.

Wednesday.  Six workshops will offer registrants a wide range of pre-conference education. In the afternoon, the VIVO Steering and Leadership Groups will meet in the Penrose Ballroom.  At 5:30 PM there will be a welcoming reception in the hotel.

Thursday.  Opening keynote by Sören Auer.  Contributed paper sessions.  Lunch.  Invited talk by Ruben Verbaugh. Invited talk by Pedro Szekely.  Contributed paper sessions.  Poster session and reception.

Friday. Opening keynote by Dario Taraborelli.  Contributed paper sessions.  Lunch.  Invited talk by Sandy Payette.  Invited panel regarding persistent identifiers.  Featured presentations.  Closing session with VIVO around the world and audience feedback.

The VIVO Conference will be an amazing opportunity to hear from experts in the field, contribute to the future of VIVO, meet old friends and make new ones.

Authors should post their presentations and posters to Figshare using the #vivo16 tag.  Attendees should tweet the conference using the #vivo16 tag.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Denver!

VIVO 1.9 tomorrow.  Yes, it's true – VIVO 1.9 will be released Monday, Aug 8!  Look for the announcement in the VIVO email lists and on Twitter.

VIVO Survey.  We are getting a very good response to the VIVO survey.  Thanks to all who have responded.  You are awesome!  We have an entire week before the conference for everyone to continue to share their thoughts about VIVO.  Here's the survey link:  Results will be available at the conference.

Campus Technologies.  I was pleased to be able to attend Campus Technologies 2016 in Boston this week and participate on a panel regarding research data sharing with Daniel Hook of Symplectic and Laure Haack of ORCiD.  Research data sharing is a big topic, and a great (and obvious?) idea for improving the conduct of research.  Sharing improves verification of results, reproducibility in future studies, and reuse of data via analysis, visualization and pooling subsequent to the original collection. Better tools are needed for collaboration and annotation, and for identifying the participants in research and their work elements and products.    Significant barriers exist, of course, many of which are deeply systemic in the conduct of research and scholarship.  Regardless, It is an exciting time to be contributing to this "opening" of science through research data sharing.

Development call this Thursday.  The Development Interest Group will have its call this 1PM US eastern time this Thursday.  Questions about VIVO development, VIVO 1.9?  Want to help?  Join the call!

See you in Denver!


Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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