Thomson Reuters is a VIVO Registered Service Provider!  Need help with your VIVO implementation?  Thomson Reuters is now a VIVO Registered Service Provider.  Thomson Reuters can help you plan and implement VIVO at your institution.  For more information about Thomson Reuters services, please contact Ann Beynon at Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters joins Symplectic and Gunter Media Group as VIVO Registered Service Providers.

Join us for a VIVO Documentation work party in Denver, August 16.  Attending the VIVO Conference in Denver, August 17-19? (you should, it's going to be great – chance to meet friends in the VIVO community, fantastic keynotes and speakers, presentations, posters and workshop, all things VIVO, register here: If you are headed to Denver, and like documentation, come a day early and join the work party!  We'll be working all day on the VIVO technical documentation – updating material, identifying gaps, writing new pages, and organizing materials in the new technical documentation wiki – see VIVO 1.9.x Documentation.  We'll quit around 5:30 to enjoy the best of what Denver has to offer.  Like documentation?  Need documentation?  Please join us!  Contact Graham Triggs or Mike Conlon for details.  Location is TBA, we will fill in details as we go.

PIDapalooza, Reykjavik, Iceland, November 9-10.   Persistent identifiers are getting a festival/meeting of their own.  I'm planning to be in Iceland November 9-10 for the inaugural PIDapalooza, some kind of something for persistent identifiers, co-sponsored by CrossRef, DataCite, ORCiD and the California Digital Libraries. See and follow the festival on Twitter @pidapalooza.

SHARE Hackathon and Community Meeting, Charlottesville, VA, July 11-14.  Going to the SHARE Hackathon and Community Meeting in Charlottesville, VA?   The week begins with a Hackathon around the SHARE metadata collection, and SHARE Notify.  A SHARE/VIVO session is being organized by Andi Ogier.  The SHARE VIVO Harvester (VIVO to SHARE) and SHARE2VIVO will be discussed along with ideas for future SHARE and VIVO projects, including efforts to provide Fedora/VIVO/SHARE connectivity. I hope to see you there.

Outreach and Engagement, this Thursday 1 PM.  Thursday this week at 1 PM eastern US time we will have a call of the Outreach and Engagement Interest Group.  New to VIVO?  This group is a great place to start – meet people, introduce yourself, ask questions, get help.  The calls are not technical and everyone is welcome!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director