VIVO User Group Meeting. We had a great VIVO User Group meeting in Chicago at the Galter Health Science Library.  You can find materials from the meeting on line here. The two day meeting sessions included:

  • Introductions. Logistics. Session Topics. Ground rules. Work Products for the user group

  • Showcasing scholarly work. Design. User experience. Optimizing -- landing, person, org, and work pages. Performance

  • Expert finding. Research Discovery. Search. Cross-site linking and search.
  • Accessing works – linking to works on the web, in repos, use of public APIs. Ingesting data – domains of ingest, tools, data packages.

  • Community change management for ontology changes. Notices, training, documentation, tools, support for changes.

  • How to improve VIVO. Software architecture. Tools. Process. Releases. 1.9. 1.10. VIVO Labs. VIVO Futures
  • Read back, summary, action items. Next meeting. Meeting adjourns

The group discussed action items that will follow from the meeting. Each of these will involve community input on the VIVO calls and email lists, and possible task forces:

  1. Develop an Ontology development process - how is the ontology developed?

  2. Release 1.9 (before conference) – including new technical documentation

  3. Organize VIVO Labs – a method for experimenting with new VIVO capabilities.  See the Contributed Software Task Force Report

  4. Develop a 1.10 roadmap – using the VIVO Roadmap Process, continue the user group discussions to develop a roadmap for version 1.10

  5. Approach to Expert finding – consider how best to move forward with significant new capability in expert finding

  6. Approach to Central Services – consider how best to establish significant, sustainable, central services for cross-site search and disambiguation

  7. Approach to VIVO Futures – consider how best to further discussion regarding technical debt, and architectural issues for future VIVO software.

Thanks to all who attended!  Attendee list is here   The discussions were incredible!

Special thanks to Kristi Holmes for hosting the meeting and to the staff at Northwestern for their hospitality and assistance.  Chicago is a lovely city, and the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern is close to the lake and close to Michigan Avenue with many top attractions, amazing food, and shopping.

The group considered when to meet again.  VIVO will likely have an in-person meeting sometime in late fall to discuss the strategic plan – more about that in the coming weeks.  A second user group meeting might occur in early 2017 (February?) to assess progress, and discuss direction.  Please share thoughts on Plans for future meetings will be summarized here in VIVO Updates, along with any specific announcements of meetings.

We will have more regarding the user group meeting in a trip report, and user group meeting report to come.  Stay tuned.

Community Leadership Summit.  VIVO folks Julia TrimmerAlex Viggio, and debra hanken kurtz will be attending the Community Leadership Summit in Austin Texas, May 15-16.

Duraspace Retreat.  Mike Conlon and Graham Triggs will be attending a bi-annual Duraspace retreat in White Plains Georgia, May 9-12.  This is an opportunity to connect to other Duraspace projects, and develop strategy for the next six months.  We will report back here next week.

Duraspace/Lyrasis Board Meeting.  Mike Conlon will be attending a joint Duraspace/Lyrasis board meeting in Atlanta Georgia, May 15.  The intent to merge will be discussed.

Development Call. The Development Interest Group will have its call this Thursday at 1 PM US Eastern time.  Developers interested in VIVO 1.9 should plan to attend.

OpenVIVO. A VIVO anyone can join.  Have you tried OpenVIVO?  162 people in 12 countries have signed on to OpenVIVO, with 975 works entered from ORCiD, PubMed and Figshare.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Comments on all things VIVO.  Questions, comments, concerns, ideas for VIVO? Non-technical items are always welcome on Technical items are best shared on The VIVO community is always looking to help and always interested in questions and comments from all!



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director