VIVO User Group Meeting.  This is new.  Really new.  VIVO is planning a User Group meeting for Thursday and Friday May 5 and 6.  We are finalizing the location of the meeting and hope to be able to announce specifics in the coming week.  The User Group meeting will provide the opportunity for attendees to discuss the future of VIVO.  All topics are up for discussion.  If you have an idea that you think we should discuss, please forward to either Graham Triggs or Mike Conlon.  We expect to discuss ontology, development, implementation, partnerships, features, architecture, data management, adoption, and much more.  We do not expect to have presentations.  The User Group meeting is intended to provide an opportunity for discussion.  Depending on attendance and interests, we may have breakout sessions.

This is a new meeting.  It is not a hackathon.  It is not an implementation fest.  It is solely for the purpose of bringing people together to discuss the future of VIVO.  There will be no registration fee or other expenses.  We hope you will make plans to attend.

Summit recap. The Duraspace Summit was held last week in Washington DC.  The Summit provides an opportunity for Duraspace members to come together, share experiences, and discuss strategy.  This year was my third Summit.  I find the meeting to one of the most interesting of the year.  If you are a member, please plan to attend next year.  If you are not a member, please consider becoming a member.  The Summit is a key member benefit.  For a full report, see 2016-03-17 Trip Report -- Duraspace Board Meeting and Summit

I wish I could use VIVO to ...  So we are asking – what do wish you could use VIVO to do?  Imagine the following:  Your VIVO is full of quality data.  And further imagine that you open your VIVO and proceed to use it to do something wonderful.  So wonderful that you tell all your friends, and they use VIVO and do something wonderful.  What wonderful thing are you imagining doing?  Please tell us here:  We will collect your responses, report back, and use your responses to develop future features for VIVO.  Should take you just a couple of minutes to tell us what you could imagine doing with your VIVO.  We look forwrd to hearing from you!

Submit your work to the conference. The VIVO conference has extended the deadline for submission of presentations, posters and workshops to the end of the day Monday, March 21.  To submit a proposal, please prepare a 500 word abstract describing your work, following the directions on the VIVO blog post here.  The VIVO conference is an excellent opportunity for you to share your work with others.  Please consider supporting the VIVO community by presenting your work.

Apps and Tools. This Thursday at 1 PM, the Apps and Tools Interest Group will hold its call.  Ted Lawless and Chris Barnes, co-chair the group and invite all those interested in tools for use with VIVO to attend.  Tools may reuse VIVO data for reporting or presentation, or create VIVO data.  The calls are easy to join.  See the information on the Apps and Tools Interest Group page.  We hope you will be able to attend.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director