A first anniversary.  Tuesday will mark my one year anniversary as VIVO Project Director.  I am grateful for all the support I have received from you and from Duraspace.  Together, VIVO has made great progress.  I will have an annual report sometime soon and share the many things that have happened over the course of the year.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the VIVO members, the members of the Leadership Group, Steering Group, Committers Group, Interest Group Chairs, Task Force Chairs, Duraspacers, (and of course Graham!) and the many active members of the VIVO community who volunteer their time and effort, their ideas and interests, their talent and creativity, to making VIVO better.  I thank all of you!

Upcoming meetings and webinars.  Looks like a busy spring of events over the next two months.  If you will be attending any of these events, or will be in the neighborhood, let's plan to get together!

  • March 2-3.  Graham Triggs will be attending the JISC DigiFest in Birmingham, UK.  Planning to attend? Contact Graham! 
  • March 11. Second installment of the VIVO plus Share webinar series.  Andi Ogier from Virginia Tech will be speaking on "Institutional Perspectives on the Impact of SHARE and VIVO Together"
  • March 16-17.  The Duraspace Summit is a members meeting in Washington DC.  Graham and I will be there, along with the VIVO Leadership Group and Steering Group, and will meet with VIVO members and representatives from other Duraspace efforts – Fedora, Dspace, DuraCloud and other Duraspace services.  I look forward to spending time with the VIVO members.  Not a member?  It's easy to join.  See VIVO Membership 
  • March 21.  The third and final installment of the VIVO plus Share webinar series.
  • April 4-5.  CNI workshop at the CNI member meeting in San Antonio, TX.  I will be leading a discussion on the role of scientists and archives in the preservation and reuse of scientific data and metadata at the upcoming Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) spring member meeting in San Antonio, April 4-5.  Attending the meeting?  Please plan to attend the discussion and share your thoughts on this important topic.  Hope to see you there!
  • April 17-19.  The Force16 Conference in Portland Oregon.  We will be demonstrating Open VIVO.  See below, and hope to see you in Portland!
  • April 21.  Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing, Washington, DC.  Sponsored by Allen Press. I'll be speaking on scientific collaboration and scholarly communication.
  • April 28-29.  Southeast Asian Chapter of the American College of Pharmacology meetings in Mumbai, India.  Helping friends develop translational science.

Open VIVO call this Tuesday.  The Open VIVO Task Force will have its third weekly call this Tuesday at 1 PM.  Please join on WebEx.  We will be reviewing the project plan, discussing URI for Open VIVO, and open issues related to the project plan.  A high level view of the project plan can be found on the OpenVIVO Task Force page in the VIVO wiki.  Here are 10 things the OpenVIVO task force is working on:

  1. Demonstration of a hosted VIVO that anyone can join
  2. Sign on via an ORCiD identifier and password
  3. Automatic ingest of publications from ORCiD
  4. Ingest of material from the Force16 collection at Figshare (extensible to any collection on Figshare)
  5. Real-time addition of publications to a faculty profile by specifying a DOI or PubMed ID
  6. Standard RDF for journals, dates, and organizations
  7. Use of FAST as a standard vocabulary for research areas
  8. Publication of Open VIVO data to GitHub
  9. Consumption of Open VIVO data in CTSA Search
  10. Demonstration of a controlled vocabulary for attribution  and contribution to scholarly works

Outreach and Engagement call this Thursday. The Outreach and Engagement Interest Group (OEIG, never looked at that acronym before, hmmm) will have a call this Thursday at 1 PM Eastern US time.  We're always interested in having new people join the calls.  Contact Julia Trimmer or Kristi Holmes for more info.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director