George Washington University VIVO goes live! The George Washington University in Washington, DC has launched its VIVO site, GW Expert Finder.  You can find it at  Congratulations to the George Washington University team!  GW Expert Finder uses data from GW sources, as well as from ORCiD to populate faculty profiles.

Open VIVO.  At the Force16 conference in Portland Oregon, VIVO will demonstrate "Open VIVO" a hosted, open VIVO that anyone with an ORCiD can join.  Conference attendees are required to submit materials with their ORCiD identifier and post these materials in Figshare.  An Open VIVO Task Force will create a hosted VIVO, support user sign on via ORCiD, pre-load Figshare content and ORCiD content, and support real-time addition of scholarly works to a profile by providing a DOI.  A signed on user will be able to add a paper, or other DOI-identified work, to their profile by providing the DOI, and the contribution they made to the work.  Open VIVO will load the metadata for the publication from CrossRef in real-time.  GRID data will be used to identify organizations.  An extensive list of journals will be included.  Users of Open VIVO will be able to export their data at any time.  Data from RDF will be published to GitHub, on a daily basis for anyone to use.  Features and data developed for Open VIVO will be incorporated into future versions of VIVO.  The task force is looking for expertise in user interface and graphical design, and in Java development. A document describing the scope of the work can be found here.  Please consider joining the task force for Open VIVO.  Contact Mike Conlon to help!

Development Call call this Thursday. The Development Interest Group will have its call this Thursday at 1 PM Eastern US time.  Experience with Java development is recommended.  No experience with VIVO is required.  Calls discuss on-going development efforts, Maven, Selenium testing.  Contact Graham Triggs for further information.  For dates of additional upcoming VIVO calls and meetings, see the VIVO Calendar of the front page of the VIVO wiki.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director