The VIVO Committers Group.  The VIVO project now has a committers group!  The committers are responsible for the VIVO software, committing changes to the various VIVO code repositories in accordance with the strategic plan, and the VIVO roadmap, under the governance of the VIVO Leadership Group and the VIVO Steering Group.  The Committers Group is Graham Triggs - Duraspace, Ted Lawless - Thomson Reuters, Brian Lowe - Ontocale, Benjamin Gross - UNAVCO, Justin Littman - George Washington University, Nate Prewitt - University of Colorado Boulder, Jim Blake - Cornell, Tim Worrall - Cornell, and John Ferreira - Cornell.  Thanks to all for taking on this important role on the project.  See the Committers Group wiki page for additional information on the roles and responsibilities of the Committers Group.

Sponsoring the 7th Annual VIVO Conference.  Find out how to leverage this lively forum for the exchange of ideas on how new semantic and collaborative technologies impact research to bring your products and services to the attention of decision makers as a 2016 VIVO Conference sponsor.  See the VIVO blog for details and a sponsorship prospectus.

Relationship Diagrams updated in the VIVO wiki.  VIVO represents scholarship using graph models.  The VIVO wiki has figures of the these models for the most common scholarly activities.  Recent updates have been made to the Advising, Educational Background, and Grants figures in the wiki.  The models have not changed.

Follow VIVO on social media.  Keep up with VIVO on social media.  Follow VIVO on Twitter at @vivocollab,  like us on Facebook at "VIVO: Connect, Share, Discover," join the VIVO: Connect , Share Discover group on LinkedIn.  Starting this week, VIVO Updates is cross-posted to VIVO social media.  We hope this makes it even easier to participate in VIVO.

Implementation call this Thursday. The Implementation Interest Group will have its call this Thursday at 1 PM Eastern US time.  See the Interest Group page for call details.  Implementation calls share status information regarding implementations across the world, answer questions from sites implementing VIVO, and share best practices for VIVO data acquisition, system administration, data management, and operations.  No experience with VIVO is needed.  All are welcome on the calls.  Contact Paul Albert for further information.  For dates of additional upcoming VIVO calls and meetings, see the VIVO Calendar of the front page of the VIVO wiki.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director