Dartmouth Synergy goes live! Congratulations to Dartmouth Synergy on their VIVO implementation! Vist http://vivo.dartmouth.edu and check it out!

Sparqlstore for VIVO.  Ted Lawless has developed and extension to rdflib Sparqlstore to support access to VIVO through the VIVO API using rdflib syntax.  If you are developing tools in Python for use with VIVO, you will want to check this out.  See https://github.com/lawlesst/vivo-rdflib-sparqlstore

VIVO Documentation.  In conjunction with development of VIVO 1.9, we are beginning work on a new documentation space for VIVO.  Focused on the application and version specific, the new documentation will build on strong documentation in the VIVO wiki and extend it to the topics needed by sites to set-up and evaluate VIVO, implement VIVO, manage data, and use VIVO in scholarly work. The existing wiki will continue to serve as the home for work groups, task forces, governance, and planning. See VIVO 1.9.x Documentation for a preliminary outline of what we expect to include.  To help with this effort, please contact Graham Triggs.

Semantic Web Book Club. Second call for people interested in reading The Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist.  The first meeting will be in January and hosted by Jim Hendler.  See https://goo.gl/JA4yp3

Job opening for ontologist.  Melissa Haendel as a job opening for an ontologist at Oregon Health and Sciences university to work on semantics for research, attribution and scholarly communication. See goo.gl/MlcnR5



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director