A new VIVO web site.  After six years, it was time for a change.  The VIVO web site http://vivoweb.org has been remodeled and is focused on telling the VIVO story, and simplifying access to all forms of information regarding VIVO.  See http://www.vivoweb.org/updated-vivo-website-tells-vivo-story for a brief description of the new site.

The original VIVO web site was hosted by Cornell.  The new site is hosted by Duraspace.  Thanks to Cornell for hosting the site and to all the people  at Cornell who did graphical design, information architecture, system administration, content development and all the other tasks associated with the site over all these years!

And thanks to those who served on A New vivoweb.org Task Force

Conference Update.  Manuel de la Cruz Gutierrez of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries has agreed to serve as Program Chair for the 2016 VIVO Conference, serving in place of Michael Winkler who stepped down to take a position as project director of Kuali OLE.  We welcome Manuel to this important role and wish Michael all the best in his new position.  Manuel is ready to go.  Please share any ideas you have regarding presentations, speakers, and program with Manuel or any of the VIVO 2016 Conference Planning Task Force members.  We look forward to an exciting conference in Denver, August 17-19, 2016.

Documentation.  We'd like to consider creating a separate wiki space for the VIVO documentation.  The current wiki space would remain much as it is, being focused on governance and planning.  The new wiki space would be 100% focused on VIVO documentation – describing VIVO as it is – gathering materials from the current wiki that describe VIVO and procedures related to VIVO.  The documentation wiki would be version specific.  Each time there is a new version, we would copy the documentation wiki and modify it as needed to reflect the changes in the new version.  The existing wiki would point to the documentation wiki as needed. A draft outline of the documentation wiki is available.  Please add you comments and suggestions.  We have been moving toward this approach by improving the organization of the wiki and by getting most documentation under one heading.  This next step was recommended by the Asset Inventory Task Force and would bring VIVO in line with other open source projects.  We look forward to your feedback.

Maven.  A branch of the VIVO repository has been created demonstrating the use of Maven to create a development environment for VIVO and Vitro.  See Graham's email to the tech list if you are interested in giving Maven a try for supporting VIVO builds.  

Book Club.  The Fedora Project is beginning a reading group and will read the classic Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist.  From the group:

"We can plan when to convene the first meeting in this club, which will be as soon as is reasonable, but would like to first open the invitation to anyone in the community who would be interested.  Please add your name and email to the following Google spreadsheet by Dec 1st, and acquire the book right away if you would like to participate in this book club. https://goo.gl/s3nvqI"



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director