Version 1.8.1 now available.  VIVO 1.8.1 contains significant performance improvements as well as bug fixes and substantial improvements to the visualizations.  The press release contains more information.  The release notes provide more detail.  You can download the upgrade from GitHub here:  

Several sites have already upgraded.  If you have upgraded, please update your site's information in the site registry.  Thanks!

Version 1.9 Planning.  Workgroups and task forces are encouraged to discuss possible features for version 1.9.  See the Outreach and Engagement meeting notes regarding their recent discussion.  Discussion on the lists is strongly encouraged.  You may wish to share your thoughts with the Steering Group or with Mike Conlon or Graham Triggs personally.  However you choose to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so – we would love to hear from you!

Email list changes.  The VIVO email lists have been consolidated to the Google Groups described below.  Email has been migrated.  Subscribers are being migrated.  We hope to have all subscribers migrated this week.

  •  This list will be used for all discussions having to do with building community – inside organizations and across organizations.  The list is currently active.  Please join this list at to participate in these discussions.
  •  This list will be used for all technical discussions – system administration, data management, ontology, RDF, SPARQL. Archives of the old lists (vivo-ontology, vivo-dev-all and vivo-imp-issues) are available as an archive of the new list.  Please join this list at if you are interested in participating in technical discussions.
  • This list will be used for announcements and VIVO Updates.  People subscribed to this list will receive limited announcement/digest type email.  If the discussions on the other lists are too active you may wish to subscribe only to vivo-all.

If you were subscribed to one of the old VIVO lists, you will be subscribed automatically to the corresponding new list.  To change your subscriptions, please visit the group you wish to add or leave at



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director