Email list changes.  For some time, VIVO has operated a number of email lists at SourceForge. The lists were confusing, difficult for people to join, and often fractured discussion.  The Asset Task Force recommended consolidating the lists and improving the ability to join and search lists.  The result is a plan to move to new lists:

  •  This list will be used for all discussions having to do with building community – inside organizations and across organizations.  The list is currently active.  Please join this list at to participate in these discussions.
  •  This list will be used for all technical discussions – system administration, data management, ontology, RDF, SPARQL.  The list will be created soon and we we will subscribe all members of the current technical lists (vivo-ontology, vivo-dev-all, and vivo-imp-issues) to the new list.  Archives of the old lists will be available as an archive of the new list.  Please join this list at if you are interested in participating in technical discussions.
  • This list will be for announcements and VIVO Updates.  People subscribed to this list will receive limited announcement/digest type email.  If the discussions on the other lists are too active you may wish to subscribe only to vivo-all.

The move to the new lists will be done over the coming weeks.  Please continue to use the old lists until the new ones are in place.  We hope these changes are an improvement, simplifying the lists, clarifying their purpose and improving service to the community.  For an overview of the changes, review of purpose, and methods for migration, see

A new VIVO Site Registry.  Ever wanted to know how many VIVO sites there are in Canada? Or who might be using what versions of VIVO?  Or who you might be able to contact at a particular VIVO site?  VIVO is improving its data about its sites and we need your help.  A new registry of VIVO sites can be found on the Duraspace web site at  More than 100 VIVO sites are listed.  Our information about each site is somewhat limited.  Please check your site.  If your site is not on the list, please add it.  If the information regarding your site needs to be updated, please let Duraspace know using the link on the registry site.  With your help, we should be able to substantially improve information about who is using VIVO.  

Improving Visualizations. The visualizations in VIVO continue to be improved.  Please see the 1.8.1 release notes and New Visualizations in 1.8.1.  The new visualizations do not require Flash, and so will display on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  The visualizations use D3, a Javascript library for rendering.  The new visualizations are larger, use more color, and render faster.  They are optional in 1.8.1, but could become the default in future releases.  Please let Graham Triggs know what you think.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director