Asset Inventory Task Force Report.  The final report of the Asset Inventory Task Force has been reviewed and accepted by the Steering Group.  The Steering Group extends its thanks to the task force for an thorough review of the VIVO "assets" – web sites, email lists, repositories, wikis and other materials.  The Steering Group will be doing further review of the extensive recommendations for feasibility and prioritization and possible implementation.  The task force identified 82 VIVO assets and organized them into 10 clusters, making recommendations regarding each.  The recommendations address 1) the vivo web site; 2) the VIVO wiki; 3) the VIVO email lists; 4) code repositories; 5) marketing and communication assets; 6) conference assets; 7) training assets; 8) CRM; 9) calendar; and 10) demo system.  Expect to see more about these recommendations in the months ahead.  If you have ideas about any of these, please share your idea with any Steering Group member.

EuroCRIS.  EuroCRIS will be holding a strategic membership meeting Barcelona November 10-11.  VIVO is a strategic partner of EuroCRIS.  If you are planning to attend this meeting, could you please let me know – we are looking to coordinate VIVO representation at the meeting.

VIVO on Figshare.  Figshare has generously offered to create and host a site for VIVO related materials from the VIVO conferences.  Check it out!  If you presented a poster or talk at the 2015 VIVO conference in Boston and have not submitted your presentation, please contact Simon Porter at Digital Science.  Simon will see that your materials are posted on the site.  We hope to have a complete collection of all posters and presentations from Boston.

Sites Implementing VIVO.  VIVO maintains a list of all sites implementing VIVO, in the VIVO wiki.  Please take a look.  As you know, VIVO is open source software, and there is no registration required to download.  We rely on people to tell us of VIVO implementations – evaluations, implementations, test sites, production sites.  The list in the wiki is the best information we have, from what we have heard, from what we have seen, from questions coming to the VIVO lists, and follow-up conversations with community members at the various sites.  Please let us know if there are sites that have VIVOs that are not yet listed.  As you will see, we attempt to distinguish sites that are in production from those sites that are under development at any stage of development.  If you would like to add your site, please contact the page, or edit the page yourself.  

Outreach and Engagement call this Tuesday.  Interested in VIVO? Please consider attending the Outreach and Engagement call this Tuesday.  Call in information is available here.



Mike Conlon
VIVO Project Director